Is Aidan Gallagher, who stars in Umbrella Academy, reviled on the internet?

Aidan Gallagher hasn’t had much of a career yet, but the internet is already rife with controversy and he’s a meme. Umbrella Academy was an organization that Aidan Gallagher despised, according to the internet controversy.

However, despite the fact that the second season of Umbrella Academy is doing incredibly well and is trending on Netflix, one of the show’s stars has been getting some bad feedback on the internet.

Aidan Gallagher, who is only sixteen years old and is a part of the diverse cast of the popular show, has had just as many internet trolls as he does supporters since the commencement of the show. If you take a look at Gallagher’s Instagram account, you’ll notice that he responds to some of the compliments that are posted there by his fans. However, every once in a while you’ll be able to catch him posting about the blowback.

But what precisely has Gallagher done to earn negative feedback, and why is there a dispute over him in the first place? And more importantly, why do people on TikTok seem to despise him and make jokes about him?

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According to Reports, Gallagher Has Published Several Dubious Statements on Social Media:

Followers on Twitter continue to discuss allegations that Gallagher, who plays Number 5 on The Umbrella Academy, has been abusing fans on social media and making shady comments about a wide variety of sensitive subjects. Even though Gallagher has attempted to defend himself by denying the allegations that are made about him, some are still doubtful.

aidan gallagher controversy

It is said that he has commented on topics such as depression while chatting, and a screenshot taken by a fan shows that he said, “If I’m being completely honest, I’d ask that if you’re feeling down you stay away from this room so that you don’t drag the rest of the group down with you and so that you don’t end up feeling even worse. That is not what I want at all. Moderators, if anyone brings up depression, please put a stop to it.”

Gallagher, in an attempt to defend himself, responded as follows: “And now on Twitter SOMEONE took a screen photo and is saying I’m depressed or against depression.”

However, some of his followers believe that his responses to being called out just made the situation worse because he claimed that some of the people who were talking about depression were just seeking attention. This statement has led some of his followers to believe that the situation has become even direr as a result of his comments.

After that, he continued to talk about it and said, “…depressed, and it brought the whole chat down like toxic so I said THIS IS NOT the place to discuss depression because that requires professional help not a mob room mentality and to not come here to discuss it because it’s too important a topic and frankly is contagious.”

After that, Gallagher began to talk about the fact that people were taking screenshots of what he was saying and said that it “betrayed his confidence.”

Additionally, it’s been suggested that he made up that he had cancer. Gallagher’s response to a fan who questioned the strangeness of his hair was as follows: “It’s a hairpiece or a wig. I lost my hair due to chemotherapy. That is common knowledge.” According to reports, he has also tweeted the following: “if you check on my Instagram there are photographs of me bald because I’m not ashamed of cancer.”

One fan on YouTube even collated everything that Gallagher is believed to have said on social media, including the things he’s said about being hostile, examples of how he’s harassed people online, and the fact that he dubbed fans in chats a bunch of 13-year-old girls. The compilation can be found here.

Gallagher’s Defense Might Discredit Him Even More

The strategy that Gallagher used to silence his critics on the internet hasn’t exactly advanced his career. His answer to all of the criticism has made people feel even greater animosity toward him online. He does not appreciate it when people take screenshots, and if they do, he accuses them of being false, saying that they were created by people who were paid to incite hatred and who are “working on the dark side.”

According to reports, he posted a comment in which he claimed that the hatred directed toward him originates from multi-billion dollar corporations “that illegally pollute and destroy our planet,” and that these corporations hire public relations firms and social media experts to pose as teenagers in order to discredit him.

In a post that he made on Instagram, which has since been removed, Aiden wrote, “In recent times, I’ve been exposed to a number of allegations that assert I’ve made statements that I have never made. People keep “quoting” me with stuff that I never actually stated.

Saying that I am against women or mental health, two causes that I have spent years fighting for is like saying that I am against the environment. I have no idea, but it seems like the rumors are getting stranger by the day. People have created fabricated screenshots of some content and claimed that the images show them speaking quite outrageous things about me.”

People who think that Gallagher is trying to cover himself up and continuing to put his foot in his mouth are pitted against Gallagher’s devoted supporters who trust that Gallagher’s word that the screenshots were made up.

There is also a Reddit thread asking why Aidan Gallagher is despised, and the comments are quite contradicting. There is even a Go Fund Me page called “We Want to Make Fun of Aidan Gallagher to His Face,” however it only has a $100 target (we don’t condone the hate).

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People on Tik Tok Make Jokes About Him and The Situation as A Whole as Well:

The drama that unfolded over the course of the past year, beginning on Twitter and continuing on Instagram, is currently a trending subject on Tik Tok. The fact that Gallagher has started a career in music has provided users with another reason to make fun of him on the internet.

aidan gallagher controversy

The song by Gallagher She has become a popular song on the platform Tik Tok, and users have started using it to make jokes about the actor’s singing ability. They make fun of the way he pronounces “love” and came up with the Tik Tok jokes “Lauv by Lauv” and “Loaf by Loaf” to mock his pronunciation.

People will even spam him on his social media accounts by continuously writing “Lauv by Lauv” and “Loaf by Loaf” until he either blocks them or requests them to stop. In addition, several accounts have messaged him to let him know that they are fans of his, and when he thanks them, the accounts react with the word “sike!”

In another one of these incidents, he is believed to have said (again, allegedly) the following: “I can see straight through your act. DM me one more time and my next song will be about your missing body.” However, the amusing thing is that Gallagher has begun to use the word “love.”

In spite of everything that has happened, it is still not apparent who to believe: the fans or Gallagher. What we do know, however, is that there is a lot of content on social media that is tied to Gallagher, along with an infinite supply of memes and jokes. Even if you can’t always believe everything you read online, his admirers continue to love him.

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