The phrase “live and let live” When he revealed that he was battling cancer, French-Filipino lover of actress Nadine Lustre Christophe Bariou gave some excellent advice.

Christophe spoke extensively about his experience with cancer on Instagram, admitting that he “preferred not to be seen as the victim or to use this illness to appeal for pity.”

“And while I was successfully overcoming it, I saw many around me losing their lives trying to,” he continued, “so it didn’t feel right to talk about myself.”

Then he said that he had cancer and that doctors had given him a few weeks to live. Christophe claims that this caused him to feel “the darkest sensation of fear.”

This was hardly his first brush with death, but as he put it, “But this was different. The enemy was unseen and buried deep within my own body, a body whose integrity I had never questioned until I was 27.

He said, “It’s okay to admit you were afraid; there’s no shame in that. It’s also okay to admit you were angry and frustrated with life.” I was sure I would never have children, establish my own family, or complete the work I had begun in Siargao. I’ll never get my foot in the door of a surfing barrel. What the heck is going on with me? Why me? To say that the news that I only had a few weeks to live was upsetting would be an understatement.

I almost made the decision to stay in Siargao, make the most of my remaining time here, and give up on trying to get better, thinking that there wasn’t much hope.

Hope was provided to Christophe, owner of a luxury resort in Siargao, when he found that he could be cured; but, he would have to uproot his life and travel to France to receive treatment at a specialized facility.

He recounted, “They discovered I had a very rare type of lymphoma, and even mentioned that it was so rare they had no statistics of survival, but that they were still hopeful, and my 6-month treatment began.”

Thanks to the rights the French fought for, I was able to receive the greatest treatment possible at the premier cancer research institution in Europe at no cost to me. When a disaster of this scale occurs, I can’t help but wonder how other countries deal with it.

“I was in full remission after only two months of intensive chemotherapy and immunotherapy.”

That life is short

After then, Christophe talked about what he had learned from the event, including the fact that it had not altered his long-term objectives.

He revealed, “Despite going through all the terrible side effects of the chemo, I did not change my life goals at all,” as a key takeaway from his experience. I was eager to get back on my feet as soon as possible and carry on with all I had started, only this time with greater focus and drive.

As an advocate, it was a harsh reminder of how short life is. We cannot afford the luxury of aimless wandering. I aim to act consciously and with complete awareness at all times. All I can do is try to make the world a kinder and gentler place for all living things, human and otherwise.

Our lives are far too valuable to be frittered away,” he emphasized. At the same time, the lives of others cannot be bargained away.

Christophe Bariou

I’m not trying to change the world or say something groundbreaking; I just want some people to read this and know they don’t have to wait for life to hit them hard to learn these lessons. I’m human and am fully capable of making mistakes and poor choices; the one thing I never want to experience again, though, is regrets.

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It’s time for everyone to learn to “live and let live.”

At the end of his message, he expressed gratitude to Nadine, his loved ones, and his admirers.

I’ll be forever grateful to my then-partner, my family, and my friends for helping me through those difficult times.


Christophe Bariou’s battle with cancer served as a profound reminder of the fragility and preciousness of life. His journey, filled with fear and uncertainty, ultimately led him to discover hope and a renewed sense of purpose.

Through his experience, he emphasizes the importance of living consciously, cherishing every moment, and being kind to both ourselves and others. Christophe’s story serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of gratitude and love.

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