All you need to know about Charlie Watts’s Cause of Death.

Charlie Watts

The revelation of Charlie Watts’ death shocked the music industry on August 24, 221. Watts was the Rolling Stones’ renowned drummer, and the band proved to be among the most instantly recognizable and influential in rock history. He’d been a member of the band since its beginning in 1962, and his steady, subtle drumming approach was a key component of the Stones’ distinctive sound. Watts was a revered and respected figure in the industry, recognized for his humility, professionalism, and gentlemanly approach, in addition to being a wonderful musician. His death was a huge loss for music and for his legions of followers all around the world. In this piece, we’ll look at the circumstances surrounding Watts’ death as well as pay respect to his incredible career and legacy.

Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts

The Announcement Of Charlie Watts’ Passing

The announcement of Charlie Watts’ passing was made by his publicist, Bernard Doherty, on August 24, 2021.

Doherty stated that Watts had “passed away peacefully in a London hospital earlier today surrounded by his family.” He also said that Watts had “been undergoing treatment in London after an unspecified medical procedure.”

The news of Watts’ passing was met with an outpouring of grief and tributes from fans, fellow musicians, and cultural icons. Many praised Watts for his contributions to music and his humble and gracious personality. The Rolling Stones themselves issued a statement on social media, saying, “We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Charlie Watts. He was a cherished husband, father, and grandfather and also a member of The Rolling Stones one of the greatest drummers of his generation.”

The Cause Of Charlie Watts’ Death

The cause of Charlie Watts’ death was not immediately announced by his family or publicist. However, on September 1, 2021, it was reported that Watts had died from complications related to his surgery. According to a statement issued by the Rolling Stones, Watts had undergone a “successful” medical procedure before the band’s U.S. tour, which was scheduled to begin in September. However, after the procedure, Watts’ doctors advised him to rest and recuperate instead of going on tour. The statement went on to say that Watts “passed away peacefully in a London hospital earlier this week” surrounded by his family.

The specifics of Watts’ medical procedure and complications were not disclosed, but it was reported that he had been treated for throat cancer in the past. The Rolling Stones had postponed their tour several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the band announced in July 2021 that they were planning to resume touring in the fall. However, Watts’ passing forced the band to cancel their entire U.S. tour.

Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts Tributes

Charlie Watts’ death was a huge loss for the music industry, and it prompted a flood of condolences from fans, other musicians, and cultural icons. Watts was lauded by many for his musicianship, professionalism, and friendliness, as well as his overall contribution to the Rolling Stones’ history. Here are just a handful of the tributes that came in following his death:

  • Mick Jagger, the lead vocalist of the Rolling Stones, wrote, “I’m crushed by the passing of my great friend Charlie Watts. He was a fantastic man as well as a superb drummer. He will be missed greatly.”
  • Former Beatles and music superstar Paul McCartney tweeted, “Very sorry to hear about Charlie Watts. I happened to know him well and he was a kind man. He was a wonderful drummer as well as a true gentleman. “We’ll all miss him.”
  • Ringo Starr, the former drummer for the Beatles, tweeted, “God bless Charlie Watts. Man, we’ll miss you. Peace
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