Loni Willison, the ex-wife of former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson, was recently discovered digging through trash cans for food, demonstrating how far the former swimsuit model’s life has fallen since their split a decade ago.

Willison, 39, has been a fixture at California’s homeless camps for the better part of seven years, wheeling around a shopping cart full of her meager belongings.

In 2016, the drug-addicted former cover girl was discovered living on the streets of Los Angeles.

A far contrast from her tanned, glowing, and slim days as a beauty girl, Willison seemed haggard, missing multiple teeth, and with short hair in photos taken on Tuesday as she pushed a cart through Santa Monica.

Willison’s mental health and substance misuse troubles have spiraled out of control in recent years, especially following her 2014 divorce from Jackson, whom she had been married to for only two years.

Jackson allegedly tried to strangle Willison after a drunken argument that terminated their stormy relationship as a model and fitness fanatic.

Loni Willison's Tragic Downfall: From Baywatch To Homelessness

Two of Willison’s ribs were broken, and she also sustained a neck injury and scratches to her face and torso during the fight. The former “Expose” starlet, however, chose not to pursue legal action.

They broke up right after Jackson’s supposed attack, and that same year he became a “Celebrity Big Brother” sensation.

It took me nearly two months to recuperate properly,” Willison told the Sun in an interview two years ago.

The California native lost her work as a plastic surgeon’s assistant after the breakup and said she was in a “very bad place” as a result. “I couldn’t work out or take on any modeling jobs,” she continued.

Even though she was supposedly hooked on crystal meth and residing in the upscale enclave of Venice, Willison stated at the time that she had enough money to get by. I don’t have access to a mobile device. She claimed, “I have food and I have a place to sleep.” Food can be found in dumpsters and near grocery stores, and I occasionally come into some cash. We have a lot of material to work with.

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Loni Willison's Tragic Downfall: From Baywatch To Homelessness

In 2018, Willison reconnected with her pal and fellow former model Kristin Rossetti on DailyMail TV. Willison, speaking on a street in Melrose Place in West Hollywood, said her mental illness had gotten so bad that she believed she was being tortured with electricity at her apartment. According to the Sun, she was evicted from her West Hollywood home because she had run up too many unpaid debts.

The owner of True Intentions, drug rehabilitation expert Larry Marinelli, reportedly offered to help Willison for free, but she reportedly declined treatment and was back on the streets within 24 hours, as reported by the Daily Mail.


Loni Willison, former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson’s ex-wife, has been found homeless and scavenging for food in California for the past seven years.

Willison’s mental health and substance misuse problems have spiraled out of control since her split from Jackson in 2014. Despite offers of help, including free rehabilitation, Willison has declined treatment and has been living on the streets ever since.

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