Natalie Cassidy has posted a cute photo of her daughters, who are rarely shown in public, posing in front of their amazing fall-themed front door.

The 39-year-old EastEnders star is a mother to Eliza, 11, from a previous relationship, and Joanie, 5, whom she shares with fiance Marc Humphreys.

Natalie, who plays Sonia Fowler, shared an Instagram photo of the girls posing in front of a massive holiday arch.

She wrote the caption: “When you get home from a long day and your daughters have had a lovely evening together with no arguments. Just right.

“My brand-new autumn door fills me with joy every time I come home. The door display you made for me was the best, so please thank @thedoordisplaycompany.

Recently, Natalie discussed her experience losing weight and how she now wishes she hadn’t purchased two fitness DVDs.

A weight loss DVD, Natalie Cassidy’s Then and Now, was released by her in 2007, and a second, The Perfect Ten, was released by her in 2011.

The actress revealed her weight gain on the Comfort Eating with Grace Dent podcast.

Natalie: “I was very overweight, and they came up to me and said listen, we’re going to give you £100,000, and we’re going to get you really fit, and you’re going to lose four stone.”

“I thought, ‘Great, let’s do this’ My initial reaction was, “That’s a lot of money,” but acting on that impulse was a mistake.

When you cut calories drastically and exercise frequently, you can lose a significant amount of weight in just three to four months.

Once I arrived, I promptly devoured a DVD about England and called it dinner. In just eight weeks, I gained all of the weight back.

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