“Survival,” the latest episode of Chicago PD Season 11, takes a departure from the ensemble approach and shines a spotlight on the formidable Hank Voight. In this review, we explore the episode’s strengths, including its unique focus on Voight, callbacks to Justin, and the emotional resonance that adds depth to the character.

Voight’s Solo Act

One of the most notable aspects of “Survival” is the singular focus on Hank Voight. In a departure from the ensemble cast approach, the episode immerses viewers into Voight’s world, hinting at his personal struggles and portraying him as more than just a stern leader.

chicago p.d season 11 episode 6 review

Jason Beghe’s portrayal of Voight in this episode is nothing short of phenomenal, showcasing the character’s multifaceted nature.

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Case and Tone Shift

The episode’s tone takes a distinctive turn by homing in on Voight’s character. The central case involves the abduction of a teenager, Noah, leading Voight on a relentless pursuit of justice.

chicago p.d season 11 episode 6 review

The storytelling takes on a noir approach, reminiscent of earlier seasons, as Voight immerses himself in the investigation. The shift in tone allows viewers to witness Voight’s passion and determination, which may have felt somewhat sidelined in recent episodes.

Callback to Justin

“Survival” doesn’t just focus on the present; it artfully incorporates callbacks to Justin, Voight’s deceased son. The emotional weight of Justin’s loss continues to shape Voight’s character, adding layers to his seemingly stoic demeanor. The episode delicately weaves in these moments, reminding viewers of Voight’s past and the impact it has on his present actions and choices.

chicago p.d season 11 episode 6 review

The emotional resonance of the episode is heightened by the exploration of Voight’s personal struggles. Since Anna’s death in Season 9, Voight has been portrayed as a broken man, unable to fully recover. “Survival” delves into his loneliness, emphasizing his reclusive nature and his difficulty in forming connections. The emotional depth adds a humanizing touch to Voight, making him a more relatable and sympathetic character.

Case Resolution and Future Implications

The episode’s central case involving Noah’s abduction is not just a standalone story; it sets the stage for future developments. The heinous acts Noah endures and Voight’s commitment to bringing justice create a compelling narrative arc.

chicago p.d season 11 episode 6 review

The unresolved elements of the case leave viewers intrigued and eager for what’s to come, showcasing the show’s ability to weave long-term storytelling into individual episodes.

Character Dynamics and Relationships

“Survival” also explores Voight’s dynamics with other characters, notably ASA Chapman. The complex relationship between Voight and Chapman adds an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative.

chicago p.d season 11 episode 6 review

The episode skillfully navigates the push-and-pull dynamic, revealing Voight’s struggle to balance his personal and professional life. The nuanced portrayal of relationships enhances the overall character-driven storytelling.

Where to Watch Chicago P.D Season 11 Episode 6

You can watch Chicago P.D. season 11 episode 6 in the following ways:

  • Live on NBC: The episode originally aired on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, at 10:00 PM ET/PT.
  • Streaming on Peacock: You can stream the episode the day after it airs on NBC, which would be February 29th, 2024. However, it’s important to note that Peacock is currently only available in the United States.

Additional Information:

  • If you’re outside the US and want to try using a VPN to access Peacock, be aware that this might violate their terms of service. It’s always best to check the official streaming platform’s terms and conditions before using such methods.


In conclusion, “Survival” stands out as a powerful and emotionally charged episode that puts Hank Voight at the forefront. The decision to shift the focus to a single character pays off, allowing for a deeper exploration of Voight’s psyche.

The callbacks to Justin, the intense case, and the unresolved elements create a compelling narrative that keeps viewers invested. Chicago PD continues to evolve, blending crime procedural elements with character-driven storytelling, making it a must-watch for both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

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