kevin samuels controversy

Kevin Samuels, a Controversial Dating YouTuber, Dies at 56 After Experiencing Chest Pain While Staying with Woman: Report


Kevin Samuels, a popular YouTuber who stirred controversy for his self-proclaimed relationship expertise and charges of misogynistic language, died on Thursday, according to his mother.

According to an Atlanta Police Department incident report, Samuels, 56, was staying with a woman when he began experiencing chest problems.

According to the incident report, the woman claimed he then fell on top of her, prompting her to contact 911.

According to police, officials tried CPR on Samuels at the site, but he was unconscious.

Samuels’ mother informed NBC News that she found out about her son’s death on social media Thursday night.

“That was a bad thing to put on social media. I was completely unaware of the situation. I hadn’t been told in any way “stated she “All I’m asking for is a prayer for us.”

Samuels’ death could not be verified by Atlanta police or the Atlanta medical examiner.

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Samuels marketed himself as an “image consultant” on YouTube, with videos like “Do Modern Women Have To Share Men?” and “Women Should Allow Men To Use Them.”

According to The Root, he established a 1.4 million-strong following on the platform but received flak for comments regarding women, including one in which he said that unmarried women over 35 were “leftovers” who men would “know have a problem.”

kevin samuels controversy

According to The Grio, he also suggested that “contemporary Black women” prefer “high value” men and that women’s worth and attractiveness should be equated with their weight. Samuels also created videos in which he rated ladies based on their appearance.

According to The Root, critics claimed he perpetuated stereotypes and bigotry against Black women dating.

Samuels “made a career out of shamelessly disgracefully disgracing Black women for business,” journalist Ernest Owens tweeted on Friday.

“He empowered the most dangerous individuals to promote tired and poisonous narratives about Black women,” he added.

“Modern Women Are A Party of One,” Samuels’ most recent upload, a two-hour webcast on Wednesday.

Fans have been mourning the YouTuber and thanking him for his “pragmatic” counsel in the video’s comments box, which has since overflowed.

Samuels launched his YouTube account in the spring of 2015. All of the videos have received over 290 million views. Samuels had 1.2 million Instagram followers and 280,000 Facebook likes.

Kevin Samuels held a nearly two-hour Livestream the day before he died, headlined “Modern Women Are A Party of One,” in which he chastised women, particularly college-educated women, who refuse to compromise in their relationships.

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“What is it about modern women that makes them so resistant?” So, what exactly are you waiting for? Whatever it is, ladies, it isn’t working, and as a result, you’ve become a one-person party,” he explained.

kevin samuels controversy

Samuels made some contentious statements, including claiming that children lie about being mistreated and criticizing Black women’s attractiveness.

“Beauty is global,” he explained, “and the trouble is, when it comes to Black women, they are on the opposite end of the spectrum in every rank.” Many people acknowledged the harm that his regressive rhetoric did, while others said that the backlash against him was exaggerated.