They’re either that or they’re not. Assemblies of God Some of the stars of Chantel and 90 Day Fiance Her husband Pedro Jimeno had a relationship with Antonella Barrenechea, a coworker.

Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) questioned her husband about it. Regardless of Pedro’s claims that he and Antonella are simply friends, Chantel was convinced Pedro was cheating on her with Antonella because of their closeness.

What is Antonella’s relation to the other Antonella’s? Find out by scrolling down below!

Who Is Antonella From ‘the Family Chantel’?

The Family Chante Who Is Antonella Pedros Coworker

Antonella hails from Lawrenceville, Georgia. It appears from her Instagram bio that she will be a 2020 graduate of Grady High School.

When she began her job as a realtor in August 2021, she had just listed her first property for sale. Since October of last year, she’s been seeing Daniel, a man she’s met online.

How Did Pedro and Antonella Meet?

Hispanic employees made Pedro feel at ease, as he explained. His friendship with Antonella, in particular, was forged because they both began their professions at the same time in the 1980s.

When Pedro Jimeno, 30, confessed in his confessional, he said, “My employer put me and her together for better learning.”

They would go to open homes and meet clients together, and they even joked about starting a brokerage together.

Pedro is “amazing,” Antonella exclaimed. “He’s really professional, he’s a go-getter,” she said. “We’re continually pushing each other.”

The Family Chante Who Is Antonella Pedros Coworker

When he grasps concepts faster than I do, I say, “OK, teach me how,” and he does so gratefully. Honest and humble are two words that come to mind when I think of his character.”

Another scenario included Antoniola saying, “Antonella is wonderful, and right now, we’re becoming buddies.”

Everybody in the office has a great time together. The Latino community, as you know, is very close to us.

Everyone there makes me feel at home. In fact, I’m really enjoying myself and meeting new people. And I feel Chantel is envious of that.”

I’ve been working with her for the last ten years, you know?” Pedro said. I went out of my way to show her that I cared. “However, I have a feeling Chantel isn’t really thrilled for me.”

Why Does Chantel Think Pedro Is Cheating on Her with Antonella?

The Family Chante Who Is Antonella Pedros Coworker

Pedro’s closeness to Antonella made Chantel suspicious of her husband, and Chantel assumed that Pedro and Antonella had a deeper connection than merely acquaintances and employees.

The registered nurse challenged Pedro about how much time he spends with Antonella in the sneak peek for the Monday, July 11, episode of Entertainment Tonight.

“One night, I took the day off work, cleaned the house, and then started cooking.

When Chantel called her at 8:30 p.m. to ask her where she was, Antonella was at the mall with her.

It is clear that you are her “do-boy” and are obedient to her every command. “You’re picking her up, driving her to work, and taking her from the vehicle mechanic,” she says.

“You’re just leaving it to my imagination to run wild, Pedro!” she exclaimed. “Don’t believe me, that’s it,” he snapped.

It was Chantel who brought up the subject of infidelity. I’m not cheating on you at all,” Pedro said. As a matter of fact, it would have been a long time ago if I were going to cheat on you.”

‘Because of the gender of my coworker,’ I ask. In response to Pedro’s query, Chantel emailed him back.

“Really? You think I’m cheating on you because I spend time with my friends and my coworkers?” Sic isn’t love for me, so I’m not going to experience it.

Did Pedro Cheat on Chantel with Antonella?

Juan denied having an affair with Antonella when they were married; yet, Juan was unfaithful to Chantel despite his denials.

On July 7, Chantel responded to Pedro’s May 27 divorce file by citing “adultery by the petitioner” and “cruel treatment” from Pedro, which included “physical domestic assault, as well as emotional agony.”

Chantel stated that their marriage was “irretrievably broken with no possibility of restoration.”

According to Chantel’s divorce file claims, Pedro has yet to react to In Touch’s request for comment from his lawyer.

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