Diego Luna Alexander is a Mexican actor, singer, director, producer, and songwriter of motion pictures and television. In the beginning, Luna was known for her roles in several Mexican telenovelas, including El abuelo y me (1992), El premio mayor (1995), and La vida en el espejo (1999). (1999).

He subsequently had appearances in a number of critically regarded films, including The Terminal (2006), Open Range (2003), Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004), and Y Tu mamá también (2001). (2004)

Earlier Years

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Although Luna was born in Toluca and raised in Mexico City. His mother, Scottish and English-born Fiona Alexander was a British costume designer. She passed away when Luna was two years old after being involved in an automobile accident.

Alejandro Luna, the boy’s father, designed sets for theatres, movies, and operas. His older sister is his sibling. Gael Garcia Bernal, a regular co-star of Luna’s, and he have been friends since they were young children. Their mums were close friends.


Television Career

Diego Luna’s role as Luis in the Mexican telenovela “El abuelo y yo” marked the 
beginning of his television career in 1992. 

His second television appearance was in the 1995 telenovela “El premio mayor.” He was cast as Eugenio Román Franco in another popular Mexican telenovela, “La vida en el espejo,” four years later.

Luna portrayed Renato Guitart in the Fidel television series in 2002. The 2010 miniseries Great Migrations featured him as the narrator.

Movie Career

Diego Luna made his acting debut in the 1999 film A Sweet Scent of Death, as Ramón. He played Carlos in Before Night Falls the next year.

Luna’s breakthrough performance, however, came in the film Y Tu Mamá También

The movie was a critical and financial hit. Diego gained international fame as a result of his outstanding performance in the film.

Luna appeared in the movies “Frida” and “Vampires: Los Muertos” in 2002. He had appearances in “Nicotina,” “Soldados de Salamina,” and “Open Range” the following year.

Diego Luna had a prosperous career in 2004. In addition to Dirty Dancing: Havana 
Nights, The Terminal, and Criminal, he also starred in three other big-budget movies.

Luna made appearances in the films “Only God Knows,” “Fade to Black,” and “Un world maravilloso” in 2006. 

The next year, he made two significant feature appearances, in Mister Lonely and 
El bfalo de la noche.

Awards and Recognitions

Diego Luna has won more than five prestigious accolades, primarily for his work in the 
television and cinema sectors.

Luna has received two MTV Movie Awards, one Marcello Mastroianni Award, one Critics’ Choice Award, one Imagen Award, one Audience Award, and one Platino Award as of
 the time of writing.

Personal Life

diego luna net worth

 In February 2008, Luna married Camila Sodi; they separated in March 2013. Jerónimo (born August 12, 2008) and Fiona (born July 1, 2010), are their two children. 

Luna lived in Los Angeles from the middle of the 2000s until 2017 when he and his family moved to Mexico City.

Diego Luna’s Net Worth

Diego Luna has amassed a sizable net worth thanks to his successful career. He has $12 million estimated net worth.

In numerous film office successes, the actor has had a number of significant parts. His box office smash, Y Tu Mama Tambien, made a staggering worldwide box office haul of almost $33 million against a budget of under $5 million.

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