Christina Applegate faced a lot of difficulties while filming season three of “Dead to Me,” as for more than a decade, the Friends star had multiple health problems, and it’s quite difficult for her to continue her work with the same charm and versatility.

Many of her fans want to know about how many challenges she has faced in her acting career, so here we have listed some of the Health problems that Christina Applegate is diagnosed with…

Christina Applegate’s Health Issues

Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate's MS Disease Caused Problems While Filming "Dead to Me" Season 3

In 2008, Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer, however, it was reported that she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, which was not life-threatening but still she has to recover from it since she had to work on a lot of projects in the future.

Meanwhile, Applegate first went a lumpectomy, but after that, doctors recommended her a double mastectomy as she had the BRCA1 genetic mutation (a gene associated with an increased risk of both breast and ovarian cancer). However, following a double mastectomy, she fully recovered and was cancer free.

Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Christina Applegate's MS Disease Caused Problems While Filming "Dead to Me" Season 3

In August 2021, during the filming of the third and last season of Netflix’s black comedy “Dead to Me,” Christina was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (a disease that affects the central nervous system, which controls everything we do).

However, when the showrunners got to know that Christina has MS, they decided to put a hold on the show, but then the Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no: We have to finish this story. It’s too important to our hearts; too important to our souls.’

Speaking with Variety in a recent interview, the 50-year-old actress revealed that she actually missed the early signs of multiple sclerosis and now she feels regret that if she’d paid more attention before finally being diagnosed, Then she would have been able to handle such diseases.

She said: “It’s about finding what I’m capable of doing,” she said about her acting future. “I’m so new in this right now. It takes time to kind of figure out this disease and figures out what’s bringing on symptoms.

Furthermore, she said: I’m just a newbie to all of this. So, I’m trying to figure it out — and I’m also in mourning for the person who I was. I have to find a place that’s as loving as my set was, where they won’t think I’m a diva by saying, ‘Hey, I can only work five hours.’


We all should admit one thing, Christina Applegate is a lot more dedicated to her profession, as even after having such major health difficulties, she stuck to her plans and gave her 100% to shoot the 10 episodes of the third and the final season of “Dead to Me.”

Currently, she is trying to recover from multiple sclerosis as she is still capable of working, however, her husband Martyn LeNoble (whom she married in 2013), and her daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble are really supportive of her, so she will definitely deal with this disease and will be seen on the big screens in the future.

The third season of “Dead to Me” is streaming on Netflix right now.

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