Foreign exchange has been a part of an overseas traveler’s life, but don’t you think that it is a highly expensive process? No, it isn’t. However, you need to be aware of some places where huge amounts of currency fees are being charged. Don’t get worried if you don’t know about that. We advise you on where to avoid and where to get the most convenient and low-cost currency exchange services and also provide the easiest tool with the lowest fees. Keep reading to save your money…

For those who don’t know, it is highly recommended that places like airport kiosks, Hotels, etc should be avoided while traveling abroad as they can be way more costly because of their poor exchange rates and excessive fees. Instead of these, a person should go with their bank or credit union as they will charge cheaper rates than other sources.

Legit Currency Converter Tool 

Infokurs currency converter tool is the best solution for those who would like to exchange currencies before going on an International trip as it offers exchanges for more than 130 countries and also provides exchanges at the lowest rates. All you need to do is to specify the amount and currency that you want to sell and then select the currency that you want to receive as a result of the sale. Then click convert and the calculator will convert instantly. 

Where to exchange currency in Australia 

Before leaving for an International trip, a globetrotter should check the best currency rates available in Australia. It’s always the best option to visit a bank or a credit union as so many banks offer currency exchange to their customers. You may even receive a better exchange rate.

You can order for currency exchange by visiting the branch location, through phone or even you can order it online to have it delivered to you. Usually, it delivers in between one to three business days, while some currency providers allow you to pick up your funds just after a day, also there is an overnight shipping service for emergencies.

Foreign Exchange Outside Australia

Just after reaching your destination, skip the airport kiosks or other exchange houses as they charge a higher amount of charges. To avoid paying higher fees, you should again go with the bank, as again with the help of the bank’s ATM,  you might be able to withdraw cash in the local currency with competitive conversion rates and small fees of 1% to 3%.

First, open your bank institution’s app on your device to find an ATM near you. Once you reach the ATM, try to withdraw large amounts if your bank charges ATM fees. You should stay away from out-of-network ATMs because you might have to pay your bank and the ATM owner surcharges in addition to a potential international transaction cost.

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