As people look for new methods to test their knowledge and amuse others, riddles are still as popular as ever and have even had a brief resurgence during the lockdown.

Try the Ex Policeman riddle if you’re seeking a fresh puzzle to solve. The puzzle is straightforward but difficult to answer, and it has been circulated widely online throughout the years.

The answer to this enigma has left internet users speculating from all around the world as to what it might be. To learn more, keep reading!

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A Former Policeman Riddle

What Is The Solution To The Ex-Policeman Riddle? All Possible Answers Explained!

The ex-cop riddle is:

An ex-cop lost his home.

His car

His partner

He first lost what.

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Ex Policeman’s Ridge Answer Detailed

The riddle’s solution is not his house, girlfriend, or automobile.

The former policeman’s mystery has a solution: He was fired first.

The riddle refers to him as an “ex-policeman,” which implies that he no longer holds that job title, thus the answer must be his occupation.

Even if it is not an option, the riddle’s main purpose is to make you utilize reasoning and come up with unconventional solutions. If it weren’t significant, the riddle wouldn’t mention the fact that he was a police officer in the past!

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