One factor that contributed to Brendan Fraser’s slide from Hollywood was his physical and mental health.

Everyone is on his corner because Brendan Fraser is undoubtedly profiting greatly. Fraser had been a member of the elite, particularly in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Brendan was a mainstay of that time period’s popular culture, but the Mummy movies were his strongest claim to fame. Fraser’s situation wasn’t ideal, but it soon changed for the better in his personal and professional life.

His career would develop, and by 2008 it appeared to have all but vanished. Fraser had financial hardships, a reduction in the number of Hollywood fans who followed him, and even covert marital issues.

But what was the underlying problem that ended his illustrious career? Some major wounds physically slowed Fraser down.

Is Brendan Fraser Sick?

brendan fraser illness

When there were health-related rumors, fans became really alarmed.

He just made an appearance in a TikTok video to meet and thank his gorgeous followers “virtually.” He struggled to contain his tears as soon as he realized how much the internet adores him.

He also disclosed the release date for his upcoming movie, Killers of the Flower Moon. Brendan will be collaborating with Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

He is indeed thrilled to be on the same stage as the best actors. He did, however, sarcastically claim that he would get sick.

Most likely, some online users took the issue seriously. However, they have started spreading these false rumors about Fraser today.

He is doing well, which is fantastic news for his followers. He is also putting a lot of effort into his upcoming shows. We send him our warmest wishes for a successful future.

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Brendan Fraser: Does He Have Cancer?

Brendan Fraser is not cancer-free. These are merely additional online speculative forms.

He last had an interview for AOL’s BUILD in late 2016. He reportedly appeared agitated and seemed to be less focused on what he was saying.

Since then, his fans have begun to worry and wonder what is wrong with him. Some speculated that the grief was caused by his divorce from his ex-wife, Afton Smith.

Some people also thought he wasn’t content because two of his franchises didn’t recast him. But in reality, Brendan’s mother had just passed away from cancer.

What happened to Brendan Fraser? Health Update

brendan fraser illness

Brendan Fraser has not yet offered an update on his health. We can be confident he’s okay because of this.

In the past, his action roles forced him to have multiple surgeries. He had a partial knee replacement, claims Wikipedia.

Brendan also needed to have surgery on his vocal cords. He has, surprisingly, previously undergone a laminectomy.

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Why Did Brendan Fraser Stop Acting?

Fraser alleged that Hollywood had “blacklisted” him in 2018. In an interview with GQ, Fraser came forward and said that a previous head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had sexually abused him.

Fraser alleged that Philip Berk of the HFPA assaulted him in 2003 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Fraser allegedly had this occurrence, which sent him into despair.

“His left-hand circles and clutches the side of my ass, and one of his fingers taints me. He then begins to move it about “said the actor. “I was sick. I had a childlike feeling. My throat felt like it had a ball in it. I was on the verge of tears.”

In an email to GQ, Berk refuted the assertion, writing that “Mr. Fraser’s version is a blatant lie.”

brendan fraser illness

Fraser claimed he was rarely invited to the Golden Globes, which are hosted by the HFPA, after the incident.

“I’m not sure if this has caused the group or the HFPA any ill will. But there was a deafening hush “said Fraser. “In your profession, the phone does stop ringing, and you begin to wonder why. Many factors exist, but was this one of them? I believe it was.”

Fraser thought that the event caused him to withdraw from public life.

Fraser also talked about having various surgeries over a seven-year period while in and out of the hospital in the GQ article.

He remembered how playing the Mummy in the movies severely taxed his body, saying, “I was held together by ice and tape. Every day I was constructing an exoskeleton for myself.”

Another setback was the star’s tumultuous divorce from his ex-wife Afton Smith in 2007. When the former couple’s divorce was finally finalized in 2008, he was made to pay alimony and child support for their three children.

By 2013, Fraser had requested a reduction in his alimony since he was no longer able to pay the US$900,000 (about $1.2 million) in annual installments.

Due to a lack of work, he asked the court for a reduced payment.

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