Angelina Jolie On Pakistan Visit After Flood-Devastation Alert By Government

As the government issues a humanitarian emergency warning, Angelina Jolie will visit flood-devastated Pakistan.

According to a statement released by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on Monday, Angelina Jolie will travel to flood-stricken Pakistan in an effort to raise awareness of the humanitarian disaster there.

Over 1,500 people have died as a result of floods brought on by record monsoon rains and melting glaciers in Pakistan’s northern mountain regions, which have submerged a third of the nation’s land and affected an additional 33 million people. Homes, roads, railways, livestock, and crops have also been destroyed.

Authorities have issued a warning that the most severely affected sections of the country might be without water for up to six months as concerns about the possibility of cholera and dengue fever increase.

According to UNICEF, the flood has left 3.4 million children in need of “urgent, lifesaving help,” making them susceptible to water-borne illnesses like dengue fever and malaria.

According to the statement,Angelina Jolie “is visiting to experience and understand the situation, as well as to hear from people directly affected about their needs, and about strategies to prevent such suffering in the future.”

She will stop by local agencies helping displaced individuals as well as the IRC’s response operations, it was said.

It is unknown if Jolie has reached Pakistan or how long the journey will endure.

Pakistan’s minister for climate change, Sherry Rehman, dubbed the situation “the worst humanitarian calamity of this decade” and demanded immediate assistance from other countries in the form of “food, tents, and medicines.”

Numerous patients are reporting daily to government and private hospitals in Karachi, indicating a dengue outbreak. This year’s dengue cases are up 50% over last year’s. With 584,246 people living in camps across the nation, the health situation might cause havoc if it is not addressed, Rehman said last week.

Due to the devastation of up to 70% of basic crops including rice and maize, the country is also in danger of experiencing severe food shortages. More than $30 billion in total economic damages are now anticipated, which is treble what the government had predicted.

Both the Pakistani government and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres have attributed the worsening of extreme weather that led to “monsoon on steroids” to global climate change.

According to the IRC, Jolie “will witness firsthand how countries like Pakistan are suffering the biggest penalty for a crisis they did not cause.”

“The IRC believes that her visit will throw light on this matter and inspire the international community to act and offer urgent support to countries bearing the brunt of the climate disaster,” it continued.

According to the IRC, Jolie has already visited the nation in 2005 and 2010 in the wake of natural catastrophes.

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