Season 2’s Winter Everett was one of the show’s breakout stars. This 90 Day Fiance spin-off, one of many, focuses on the married couple and their extended family in addition to the drama that brought Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno to public attention.

The Chantel and Jimeno storylines take center stage in the second season of The Family Chantel, but the Jimeno and Everett families also have significant roles to play. Chantel’s sister Winter Everett’s weight loss journey is one such storyline that fans found compelling.

Did Winter Everett from The Family Chantel Have Weight Loss Surgery?

The third episode of the second season, ‘Ugly Sweaters, Painted Beards’, gave viewers a better understanding of Winter Everett‘s struggles with weight and her weight loss journey.

In a confessional scene, she opened up about her childhood and how she began to struggle with her weight. Several members of the live audience were moved to tears when Winter Everett talked openly about her lifelong battle with body image and weight.

The audience was able to see how difficult it must have been to be Chantel’s little sister, based on a brief glimpse into her childhood. Stunningly beautiful, Chantel has a body that any admirer would envy.

Winter Everett Before And After

Winter, on the other hand, was the less attractive of the two sisters, and she was constantly overshadowed by Chantel. It all stemmed from the fact that she didn’t look like her sister and, as she put it, “she is not her.”

Winter Everett was constantly compared to her sister throughout her childhood, and she could never do better than her sister because she was obese, which is the exact opposite of what society expects a woman to be. All she could think about was how disgusting she looked. That had a devastating effect on her self-worth and self-esteem.

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As a way to avoid looking like Chantel, she wore a lot of makeup and experimented with different hairstyles and outfits.

It was a difficult childhood for Winter Everett, who has constantly compared to her more beautiful and famous sister and struggled with self-esteem and her weight. Because of this unfair and damaging comparison, not only did she suffer a loss of self-esteem, but the sisterly bond was strained as well.

Winter Everett Before And After

Winter had no idea how she had become so diametrically opposed to her sister, despite the fact that they had shared a life for so long. They trained together, cheered for the same team, and ate well together. As a result, Winter became obese, while Chantel developed into an athletic young woman.

Her first bariatric surgery consultation was also shown in that episode. Winter Everett allowed the camera crew to accompany her to her appointment with Dr. Proctor, a bariatric weight loss surgeon, which she attended with her mother Karen. She was depressed because she weighed 313 pounds at the time.

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However, she was still stuck in the 3’s on her weight scale, even though she was doing everything she could to avoid it. The diets she’d tried had failed.

On October 26, 2020, this episode aired. Fans of The Family Chantel were surprised to learn that Winter had lost 50 pounds when she updated them on her weight loss journey in July 2020 with photos of her before and after photos.

Winter Everett Before And After

After reaching a weight of 330 pounds at her heaviest, she admitted in an Instagram post that she had never put her health first, but in 2020, she changed her perspective and began focusing on who she was rather than what she wanted, eventually losing 50 pounds.

In December of 2019, the season’s filming was completed. The episode was filmed in October of 2020, and Winter had already started her weight loss journey and lost 50 pounds by the time it was shown.

In the eighth episode of the third season, ‘Truth Be Told,’ which aired on November 29, 2021, Winter Everett showed off her new body transformation after losing weight.

Since she first shed 50 pounds in 2020, the reality star has continued to shed pounds. In contrast to how she used to dress, she now proudly displays her toned arms, legs, and pretty much her entire body in revealing clothing, a far cry from how she used to hide.

Winter’s image has been transformed since her weight loss, and she is now an influencer in her own right. Because of her fitness obsession, she has been able to secure several brand sponsorships.

She had started dieting and working out at the gym, which appears to have worked for Winter Everett. Although she had previously visited a bariatric surgeon, many of the show’s viewers are now questioning whether her drastic weight loss is actually the result of the procedure.

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