Naomie is a French-born TV personality and social media influencer. Her appearance on the television program Southern Charm catapulted her to popularity.

A world of extravagance, wealth, and scandal that spans several generations of Charleston families is revealed in Southern Charm. Currently, Naomie is a well-known social media personality and businesswoman.

Naomie has her own personal e-commerce business and is an accomplished businesswoman. She is French and a member of the European continent, yet among Americans, she is well-known.

She has only received the love and support of her American followers to achieve her level of stardom. Because of her breakup with her boyfriend Metul Shah, Naomie is currently in the media’s attention. He and she had split up because of perceived disloyalty.

When Did She Have Her First Surgery?

In fact, Naomie Olindo has had plastic surgery. She received a nose job in 2018. She claimed that ever since she was a young child, she had wanted the procedure. Following the procedure, she shared a fresh batch of images showing the progression of her metamorphosis.

naomi southern charm before and after

On her Instagram Story, Naomie posted side-by-side images of her visage before and after a nose procedure. “Ok, you guys are frightened of the recovery photographs,” she captioned the flurry of pictures she snapped while she was recovering. She before and after surgery photos are shown here.

Her chin, cheeks, and jawline have all undergone surgery as well. The TV personality defined and smoothed out her cheekbones and chin to emphasize the sharpness of her jawline. Olindo is a person who always discusses any surgical or cosmetic procedure in an honest manner.

She asserted that people should make use of their bodies in whatever way they wished in order to be happy, even if it required medical interventions.

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Has Southern Charm’s Naomie Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Yes, in 2018 Naomie Olindo decided to get a nose job. She confessed to Bravo that she’d desired the treatment ever since she was a kid. The Southern Charm spoke about her surgery and expressed her happiness and wish that she had done it sooner.

In order to be open about her procedure, Naomie posted before and after pictures on Instagram Stories. Airy Hall Plantation is one of the locations used to film Southern Charm.

Observers Notice Naomie’s Weight Decrease

Fans frequently compliment Naomie Olindo’s attractiveness, even if it has changed since she joined Southern Charm in 2015.

Naomie, a pescatarian, mentioned intermittent fasting as a weight-loss strategy on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her in 2021.

Naomie suggested that an excellent habit-building strategy for adopting a better eating style is to choose a smoothie before consuming the other items you desire.

It took me over a year to drop weight, but people started noticing all of a sudden, she said, adding that there had been a protracted build-up.

It Is True that Naomie from “Southern Charm” Had a Nose Job.

In 2018, Naomie underwent a nose job, permanently altering the appearance of her nose and, as a result, her profile, but not significantly.

Fans of Southern Charm didn’t immediately notice the huge change in Naomie’s nose, but when they did, Naomie was quick to acknowledge that she had been working without feeling guilty about it.

In February 2018, she stated to Bravo’s The Lookbook that plastic surgery “shouldn’t be taboo.” “Why wouldn’t you modify anything about yourself that you dislike if you have the chance to do so? I want to be as honest as I can about what I did since I did it for myself and no one else.”

She also posted images on Instagram at the time to be transparent and honest about receiving Botox and fillers in addition to a nose job.

Naomie from Southern Charm Also Used Filler in 2021

According to cosmetic injector Cameron Moskos, Naomie, 29, chose to have some botox injections, cheek, chin, and jawline filler, and a nose job back in 2018.

In 2021, she posted on Instagram to say that Naomie had come into her office for “a little rejuvenation.”

We examined her cosmetic objectives and came up with a plan that included using dermal filler to improve her cheeks, chin, and jawline, she continued. Oh, and naturally some Botox sprinkles!

The article included before and after images of the cosmetic treatment and claimed that Naomie was “a dream” to inject. You can keep up with Naomie’s latest posts by following her at @naomie Olindo on Instagram.

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Why Isn’t Naomie in Season 7 of “southern Charm”?

Although viewers of Southern Charm may still be discussing Naomie’s nose job, Season 7 won’t feature her.

Being on reality TV may be challenging for some people, and Naomie may have found that to be the case given that she was only a main cast member for the first two seasons of the show before deciding not to return for the third.

A source close to Chelsea Meissner, who departed the show before Season 7, as well as Naomie, told People, “They both informed production months ago that they would not be returning to the program.

Like Cam [Cameran Eubanks], Naomie and Chelsea are simply sick of the drama of reality television and don’t want to spend their lives in this way.”

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