Venus Bryant's Transformation

Venus Bryant’s Transformation Is Definitely Turning Heads


Vanessa Bryant is a cultural icon in the United States. Bryant is most known for her decades-long relationship with late basketball legend Kobe Bryant, but she is much more than her role as the wife of one of the most famous basketball players of all time. Bryant is also a mother, a daughter, and a very strong woman who has faced tragedy on multiple occasions.

It’s not simple piecing Bryant’s life together. The public figure is well-known for her secrecy, with most of the public’s knowledge of her coming from friends and family. Bryant has stayed out of the spotlight as much as possible, even when her husband’s career with the Los Angeles Lakers was at its peak. Many people are unfamiliar with Bryant’s life and metamorphosis, despite her celebrity. Here’s a look at how Vanessa Bryant has evolved over time.

Vanessa Bryant Was Raised by A Single Mother

Venus Bryant's Transformation

Vanessa Bryant spent much of her childhood in a single-parent household. Her parents split when she was still a baby, according to the Los Angeles Times. Her father left for Baja, Mexico after the divorce, leaving Vanessa and her sister Sophie to be reared by their mother, Sofia. Sofia’s profession as a shipping clerk supported the family for years, and the family lived with Sofia’s sister.

Sofia’s work ethic and commitment to her children had a significant influence on them. Bryant told FabFitFun that one of her role models is her mother, who she admires “for being an independent single mother and sole provider.” She went on to say that her mother instilled compassion in her as a child, training her to “be a person of substance and character.”

Bryant’s mother eventually remarried Stephen Laine in 1990, and Bryant began to use his surname instead of her birth father’s, Cornejo, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Vanessa Fell in Love a Teenager

Venus Bryant's Transformation

Vanessa was 17 years old when she met Kobe, who was just 20 years old at the time. This, however, was unable to prevent them from falling in love, and they were inseparable shortly after.

Kobe and Vanessa are said to have connected over shared interests such as Disney. The pair did this by going on romantic date nights to Disneyland.

When it came to Vanessa, Kobe reportedly revealed that he fell in love with her because they had a lot in common, remarking that they both had the same outlook on life.

Vanessa and Kobe became engaged soon after they started dating, and they married in April 2001. The NBA star’s parents, on the other hand, were unhappy with their new daughter-in-law since she was Latina rather than African American.

Vanessa’s stepfather, Stephen Laine, was also against the marriage because he thought she was too young. None of this, however, seemed to deter the duo.

Vanessa and Kobe’s parents were estranged until his death. According to reports, the NBA player once described his connection with them as “awful.”

Vanessa Bryant Fell in Love with Kobe when She Was Just 17

Venus Bryant's Transformation

When Vanessa Bryant met basketball legend Kobe Bryant on the set of a music video during Kobe’s brief excursion into rapping, they fell in love. Vanessa was 17 years old at the time, and Kobe was 20 years old.

Later, the athlete said in the documentary Kobe Bryant’s Muse via People that he couldn’t stop looking for her on set. “I’d come out of the trailer and just want to talk to her some more, in between takes and stuff like that,” the NBA player explained.

After that, Kobe requested her phone number, which led to hours of talk and the two bonding over their shared love of Disney. They were soon inseparable, and they spent a lot of time together in Disneyland. “She was stunning,” Kobe said. “We actually did everything together,” he continued, “she became my best friend.”

Kobe went on to remark that he fell in love with his future wife not just because of her beauty, but also because of how much they had in common, noting that they “saw the world the same way.” To put it another way, they were complete soulmates.

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Vanessa Bryant Stood by Kobe Through a Major Scandal

Venus Bryant's Transformation

In 2003, a big scandal put Vanessa Bryant’s relationship with Kobe to the test. Kobe was accused of raping a young woman in a Colorado resort, according to The Daily Beast. After several months of the incident being dragged through the public and an apology from Kobe, his accuser dropped the lawsuit against him in 2004.

Vanessa stood by her spouse despite his admission of infidelity during this tough period. In a statement, she insisted that her husband was not guilty of assault, albeit she admitted that he made “the mistake of adultery” via the NZ Herald.

Vanessa was photographed wearing a $4 million purple diamond band, which the tabloids labeled an “apology ring,” when the story broke. However, it was pointed out that the ring was ordered weeks before Kobe was charged. “You’re the strongest person I know,” Kobe told her in a public apology. “I’m very sorry for putting you and our family through this,” he continued.