Anastasia Karanikolaou, also known as Stassiebaby, is not scared to discuss plastic surgery with Kylie Jenner’s longtime closest friend. In spite of the fact that it took Stassie years before she finally revealed she had lip fillers, she has always been open about undergoing cosmetic surgery.

To keep her followers updated on her breast operation done by Dr. Ashkan Ghavami in 2017, she resorted to Instagram to do so. To have met with @drghavami to discuss something I’ve been contemplating for a while has made me very happy! He posted a photo of her at his office, “Stay tuned for more.” As one of Stassie’s breasts was almost a full cup size bigger than the other, she went in for a consultation to find out what could be done.

stassie before and after

“When I was younger, I had the sweetest, perkiest boobs,” the influencer said in a February 2017 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I’d heard that wearing an underwire bra causes your breasts to droop. I never wore a bra since my boobs were so attractive. Eventually, I discovered that the person who told me that was entirely incorrect.” She was also unable to wear certain outfits during picture sessions, which had a negative influence on her career.

With no implants in her breasts, she went through with the procedure. Stassie remarked, “I was extremely open to sharing; plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of. A common misconception is that plastic surgery is primarily used to improve one’s self-esteem. This is not the case at all.” This is the exact opposite message I was trying to convey when I posted my comments: “You’re so insecure, you’re so insecure.” I wouldn’t have shown my insecurities if I had been confident.”

That’s why I did it: “I wanted people to know that there’s nothing shameful about this and that it’s so common for females to have this issue and that you can do something to solve it.”

stassie before and after

As of October of last year, Stassie had disclosed she will be having another breast operation done. In a YouTube video, she stated, “I’m correcting my implants next Thursday.”..”. “I’m experiencing problems with the ones I have now.” Regardless of whether it’s bottomed out or not, my guess is that it is. “It’s like it’s out of place.”

Since she disclosed that she had dissolved her lip filler in April 2020, it’s not known if she maintained her natural appearance.

Several years later, in the year 2022, she was open about her use of lip filler and chest implants. She also said whether or not she had any regrets about the operations she had had.

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stassie before and after


It appears as though Stassie and Kylie opted to get lip fillers around the same time.

stassie before and after


Her style was also a bit more edgy, mirroring Kylie’s at the time.

stassie before and after


Some fans have also suggested that Stassie underwent a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), but she’s never commented on it.

stassie before and after


Based on her Instagram, she eats healthy and hits the gym often (especially with Kylie!) to maintain her curves.

stassie before and after

APRIL 2022

Stassie appeared on an episode of Call Her Daddy in April 2022 and got real candid about the plastic surgery she’s had done. Before going into the conversation, she made it clear that she “did it for herself” and didn’t alter her body to copy anyone.

“I wanted to feel good about my titties so I did them, other things too!” she laughed.

The influencer also admitted to getting her lips tattooed a day before the interview, after revealing that lip filler takes away the color in people’s lips.

“I would say I have gotten stuff done where I didn’t like the results but not regret … fixable,” she said.

When asked the big question if she ever got butt implants, Stassie revealed she only has boob implants. “And I’m not saying that I haven’t done other things and I haven’t, you know, moved some things around,” she giggled.

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