Simi & Haze has amassed a sizable Instagram following and is a well-known influencer. A total of 1.06 million people call themselves the influencer’s fans as of today.

You may be wondering, “How much money do Simi and Haze have?” Only Simi and Haze know for sure, but our crew has a very good idea.

Simi Khadra Age & Early Life

On March 31st, 1993, Simi Khadra was born to her parents in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The sources state that she was born in Dubai but spent most of her childhood in London. The full name of Simi is Simi Abu Khadra.

Her stage name is Haze Khadra, also known as Simi & Haze. Every year on March 31st, we celebrate Simi’s birthday. Based on her birthday, we can roughly determine that Simi is 28 years old (as of 2021).

She reportedly completed elementary school in the United Kingdom’s capital, London. They gave her a baccalaureate degree after she finished at USC. She followed that with a foray into the fashion industry. Simi has risen to fame as both a famous DJ and a style icon.

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Simi Haze Before And After

Simi Haze Before and After

Together, Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra (a.k.a. Simi Haze) had an inexplicable illuminating effect.

Contrary to what was previously suggested, the differences are readily apparent when looking at pictures of the twins when they were little. Both Simi and Haze are highly stylish and stunningly beautiful; their looks are on par with that of supermodels.

The couple’s combined Palestinian and Arab heritage gives them an unnaturally beautiful appearance.

Amidst all the hubbub around the couple’s transformation, their fans have been attracted by their incredible fashion sense and equally incredible manner of living.

When looking at pictures of the twins taken in 2015 and now, it appears that they look completely different. Photos of the twins taken between 2015 and 2017 show that many of their characteristics have been digitally altered.

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What Are the Cosmetic Procedures that Simi Haze Have Had?

Space between their formerly tightly closed eyes is a telltale sign that both of them had Blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure used to correct droopy eyelids by removing excess skin, muscle, and fat. It’s more likely that the trendy sibling had a brow lift.

Their noses also differ in distinct ways. At one time, their noses were long, skinny, and pointy; now, they have the ideal nose. Most people will automatically believe you’ve had a nose job (Rhinoplasty).

The twins have both grown broader noses and lips. Perhaps they also had lip filler used to accentuate their already stunning features.

Many people think their lower facial bones were enhanced through a combination of surgery to remove buccal fat and botox injections.

They may have additionally undergone liposuction to reduce their body fat and have their hair permanently transformed.

Even though the famous twins never confirmed or refuted the rumors, they clearly underwent plastic surgery to achieve their current appearance.

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Simi Khadra got her start in the industry as a fashion model. At a young age, she and her sister Haya both began their modeling careers.

After taking part in multiple Fashion Weeks at the tender age of 14, they both quickly gained notoriety.

Since then, Simi has been a featured participant in a number of modeling contests. She became a professional DJ after finishing her education.

A lot of club events have included her as well. In recent years, Simi’s career has skyrocketed to that of a prominent DJ. On her social media pages, she also shared photos of herself in the DJ booth.

Plus, she became a major player in the fashion industry. Simi is the owner of the illustrious beauty and fashion label SIMIHAZE.

As a retailer, she offers a large selection of cosmetics and accessories. The official Instagram for her clothing line has over 46,800 followers.

Simi’s talent has also earned her a large following amongst industry insiders.

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