BLACKPINK’s Lisa is regarded as one of the most attractive K-pop stars. Despite her exceptional rapping and dance skills, some people continue to doubt her credibility as a musician, particularly because of her appearance.

There have been rumours that Lisa underwent cosmetic surgery solely to obtain the flawless beauty that her devoted fans love. Did the singer of “How You Like That” get rhinoplasty and lip fillers to improve her appearance? Continue reading to learn more about this brilliant and charming BLACKPINK member.

Blackpink Lisa Plastic Surgery Rumors Debunked

Because of how she reportedly appeared before, Lisa was dogged by suspicions of plastic surgery. Add to it a surgeon’s claim that the BLACKPINK member had the treatment done on her face to boost her appearance.

BLACKPINK Lisa, according to an unidentified expert, has undergone plastic surgery. The vocalist of “Lovesick Girls” apparently got rhinoplasty since her nose was flat, large, and round. Lisa now has a narrow, upturned, and charming nose, according to the surgeon.

Lisa Before and After

BLACKPINK member Lisa also got fillers to make her lips appear plump and smooth, according to the report. The specialist also found that the Thai rapper’s lips were becoming uneven, with some places being more bulbous than others.

If that wasn’t enough, the expert then claimed Lisa bleached her skin to make it whiter. Because her double eyelids are allegedly constantly on point, the BLACKPINK member has been accused of employing double eyelid tape. The surgeon claimed that she does her treatments gently enough that no one will notice.

People close to BLACKPINK, on the other hand, don’t think so. Lisa stated that she has never undergone any cosmetic surgery. Some fans even shared photos of the “Boombayah” singer prior to her debut as a member of the YG Entertainment-formed girl group.

Despite claims that she had rhinoplasty to fix her nose, Lisa’s pre-debut images proved that it still appears the same. Others defended BLACKPINK’s member, claiming that she should be allowed to do whatever she wants with her body and face.

Lisa Before and After

BLACKPINK Lisa and YG Entertainment have remained silent on the endless plastic surgery speculations. However, it should be emphasized that puberty, makeup, and modest weight loss can drastically alter one’s appearance, particularly for someone who has been working diligently to enhance herself every day – like Lisa!

Furthermore, there was no substantial evidence that the “Whistle” singer had undergone cosmetic procedures to improve his appearance. So, until everything surrounding BLACKPINK member Lisa is verified accurate and right, all of these plastic surgery rumours should be treated with a grain of salt.

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Blackpink Lisa Tops ‘TMI’ News List of Idols with Impressive Families

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has achieved another milestone by topping TMI News’ list of idols from notable families. The show revealed that the “As If It’s Your Last” singer’s father is a well-known Swiss chef who runs a cooking school in Thailand.


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In other words, Lisa hailed from a wealthy family even before she joined BLACKPINK. The Thai rapper is becoming one of her generation’s most sought-after idols.

BLACKPINK Apart from Lisa, Rosé was also on the list. The “One the Ground” singer’s father and older sister are both said to be practicing lawyers in Australia. Rosé’s father was also revealed to be the one who pushed her to go to a YG Entertainment audition due to her unending love for music.

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