A Geordie Shore competitor is Kyle Christie. On Vendettas, Total Madness, and Spies, Lies & Allies, he reached the finals.

Additionally, he participated in Double Agents, War of the Worlds 2, and Final Reckoning.

Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie’s Had ‘£11,000-Worth’ of Surgery and Is Still ‘Not Happy

The reality star has previously spoken openly about his love of cosmetic surgery, and he even recently had a BEARD transplant to change the way he looked.

However, the star has now denied claims that he paid thousands of dollars out of his own pocket, and he has acknowledged that while he “spent a year getting free stuff” done, it hasn’t made him happy.

Kyle said exclusively to The Sun Online: “It was on Radio One, they were talking about it when I was driving, and everyone made a mountain out of a molehill it.

kyle geordie shore before and after

“I said, “Holy f***ing hell! My beard has a greater impact now that I’ve been on TV for four years! ’ “I’m not going to lie; I didn’t pay the 11 grand; that’s silly. I got it done for nothing.

“I spent a year getting all this free work done and having cosmetic surgery, but it didn’t make me happy; I needed to learn to love myself instead. I’m not happier; rather, I just feel more confident in my appearance.”

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Kyle refuted claims that he had also spent $11,000 of his own money, adamantly stating that he was unable to do so in light of the fact that “children are starving” all over the world. “I had leftover follicles with my hair,” he continued “I had a hair transplant, and the only thing that makes me unhappy is that I didn’t spend a lot of money on it.

“I would never, ever spend 11 grand on my looks, it was never that much ever. I would never, ever spend that on anything on my face, I’m not that stupid.

When there are kids starving in the world and I’m spending 11 grand on my face, that’s stupid.” The tattooed reality TV star spent the money on a bushy beard to match his fuller, thicker head of hair.

It was also revealed that he had a “confidence problem” as a result of his thinning hair. According to Dr. Kumari of the Hair Transplant Centre in Liverpool, Kyle had created his own hairline.

He admitted to having a confidence issue with Mirror Celeb. He obviously wants to appear his best because he works in television.

Kyle’s Cosmetic Procedures

In addition to his appearances on “Geordie Shore” and “The Challenge,” Kyle gained notoriety for his numerous cosmetic operations, which have rendered him virtually unrecognizable today.

He’s had a nose job, a beard transplant, chin and jaw contouring, and a hair transplant over the years. And can you guess how much he spent on all of the work? Zero. You did read that correctly.

In an interview with The Sun in 2017, he claimed that claims that his operation cost £11,000 were false. He claimed: “I got it done for nothing, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t pay $11,000, it’s silly.

kyle geordie shore before and after

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I spent a year getting all these free things done and cosmetic surgery, and it doesn’t make you happy; you’ve just got to love yourself. I’m not happier; rather, I just feel more confident in my appearance.

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