On Monday, a side-by-side snapshot of Karlie Redd that showed her dramatic metamorphosis over the years went viral on the internet, prompting admirers to express concern about the reality TV star.

A Twitter user going by the handle @RookieBowHunts posted a photo of the rapper from 2015, which set off the whole thing. The photo was uploaded alongside a screenshot showing how drastically different Redd looks now.

A worried Twitter user observed the celebrity’s newfound prominent cheekbones and plumper lips. According to their tweet, they weren’t too fond of Redd’s radical makeover.

“She utterly destroyed herself,” the user commented. A number of others on social media responded to the post, expressing similar confusion about Redd’s look. Some others speculated that she might have gotten plastic surgery.

One Twitter user expressed amazement that black women even get any work done on their faces and bodies, given that they serve as the “blueprint” for such transformations. While someone else exclaimed, “This is really incredible.”

You know, like, “What the hell happened to all the women who were born lovely and perfectly proportioned?”

Early Life

On April 15th, she entered this world as Keisha Lewis, a New York City native. The exact year of her birth is a point of contention, which will be addressed in more detail below. The mother of Redd is of Trinidadian descent.

Redd split her upbringing between New York and Trinidad but moved back to New York for good when she was 12 years old.

She got her training at Alvin Ailey and the Harlem School of the Arts. Redd had secured over 40 modeling jobs in print and television by the time she was 16 years old.

Karlie studied film at the American Film Institute and the Los Angeles Film School, where she earned a degree in Direction and Producing.

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Karlie Redd Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

Karlie Redd Before and After

Karlie Redd quickly learned of the Tweet’s return, and the Love & Hip Hop star didn’t waste any time putting an end to the rumors that she’d undergone plastic surgery.

Let’s not sugarcoat this. The model/actress said during a live Q&A, “I had lip injections, and Tim is always getting on me, like, ‘Stop doing the lip injections or whatever…'”

Tim is her personal stylist and does her makeup. “I’m done because people are always making fun of my face,” she said.

That’s all I’ve got on my face,” Redd said. Even though I’ve never had surgery, my “thing” is to have Tim apply my makeup in an angled fashion that emphasizes my slanted eyes.

Karlie Redd Before and After

The emcee also refuted rumors that she had rhinoplasty. My nose has always been perfectly straight; I’ve never had a rhinoplasty. She continued, “And if you look at my daughter’s nose, you’ll see that straight noses run in my family.”

Some folks on social media weren’t convinced until Redd cleared the air with an explanation.

Somebody on YouTube said, “Girlfriend certainly got her face done… The strange aspect is the denial, not the actual problem.

It’s as though you’ve committed a crime! This is your cash! Since you seem to be enjoying yourself, that’s all that really matters.

There were a few cheerleaders who felt bad for the busy beauty. Another user wrote, “Karlie you’re lovely without all that,” and a third added, “She’s still very beautiful but it’s awful what society has done to make us pursue young.” It’s quite acceptable to age gracefully. SMH.”

Read on to see Karlie Redd’s entire admission. Has she gone too far with plastic surgery, in your opinion?

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On-Screen Career

In 2001, Redd was chosen to play a role in “Black Spring Break 2.” Karlie Keisha Lewis was her stage name. During the same year, Redd became even more well-known thanks to her participation in the VH1 reality series “Scream Queens.”

The VH1 spin-off “Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta” was responsible for Redd’s increased fame ten years later.

Keisha dated Benzino and Yung Joc, two rappers featured on the episode. A language analytics firm found that “16% of emotional reactions regarding the show collected from social media data, with the biggest percentage of unfavorable comments” were directed at Karlie during her performances in the fifth season.

Let’s just say that Karlie didn’t exactly win over the audience. In each episode of “Love & Hip Hop,” she is paid $40,000. Her 22 episodes spanned the show’s first nine seasons. That equates to a hefty pre-tax income of about $880,000.

In 2014, Redd made her debut appearance in a major motion picture, Chris Rock’s “Top Five.”

On Bounce TV’s Saints & Sinners, she has a recurring role and gets $10,000 every episode.

There are five seasons total as of this writing, with the upcoming launch of season five scheduled for April of 2021. Besides “30 Days in Atlanta,” released in 2014, and “We Are Family,” released in 2017, Karlie has acted in other films.

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Personal Life

Jasmine, Karlie’s daughter, has also been a part of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She proposed to Maurice Arkansas ‘Mo’ Fayne in October of 2018.

Redd’s actual age is a point of contention, as indicated above. A birth year between 1969 and 1974 seems likely for her.

In 2012, Redd claimed to be “in her twenties.” However, in 2015, her grown daughter started attending university. K. Michelle, Benzino, Yung Job, Scrapp DeLeon, Caesar, and Lyfe Jennings, all of whom have appeared on “Love & Hip Hop,” have all claimed that Karlie is much older than she admits to being.

According to a Playboy Plus feature Redd published in 2015, she is 49 years old, which would place her birth year as 1966. However, in an interview this past May, Redd said she was 45 years old. The verdict has yet to be made public.

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