Charla Nash asserts that she has always been a survivor, and she required all of her courage when she was attacked by a friend’s chimpanzee and suffered horrific injuries.

In a horrifying attack, Travis the monkey tore Charla’s hands and face off.

After his mother was shot dead while attempting to flee the Missouri Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the United States when Travis was only three days old, Sandra and Jerome Herold decided to adopt him.

Travis, who was brought home by his adoptive parents and was given the name Travis Tritt in honour of Sandra’s favourite musician, quickly integrated into the family.

He frequently commuted to work with the devoted pair and accompanied them whenever they went shopping.

Travis was well-known to everyone who knew the family and was glad to pose for photographs at the Herold family’s trucking company.

Charla Nash Before and After

The chimpanzee was a recognisable character in Jerome’s tow truck; he constantly made sure his owner was buckled up while riding alongside him in a baseball shirt.

Even the police waved at him and Jerome when they were together towing a car because they were good friends.

Since Travis had grown up around people and was a member of the Herold family, he was accustomed to them and got along well with the neighbours Sandra and Jerome.

He listened better than my nephews, according to a neighbour who used to play wrestle with the chimp.

Travis even adopted many of the characteristics of his human family, including the ability to clothe himself, open locked doors with a key, water plants, and even feed hay to the Herolds’ horses.

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Travis sat at the dinner table with the rest of the family and even drank wine from a stemmed wine glass during special occasions in the Herold home.

The strange critter loved ice cream and even knew when the ice cream trucks would pass by his house.

And Travis was eager to learn about technology; he became proficient at using a computer to access photographs, watched TV using a remote control, and adored baseball games.

Charla Nash Before and After

Travis had even taken driving lessons and had been spotted multiple times operating a vehicle.

When Sandra’s beloved husband, Jerome, passed away from cancer in 2004, having him in her home was a great comfort to her.

When Charla Nash called her friend Sandra, she was 55 years old. Charla went to assist her friend in bringing Travis back inside after he had left the house during the visit carrying Sandra’s car keys.

However, something snapped in Travis and he attacked Charla when he saw her carrying one of his favourite toys, a Tickle Me Elmo.

Although he had known her for a while, there are accusations that he was astonished by her sudden hair change and lost his temper.

Travis was also on Lyme disease medication at the time of the terrible attack.

At the moment, Sandra, who was 70, frantically sprinted to help her friend, striking Travis with a shovel and even stabbing him.

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Charla Nesh Before and after

Charla Nash Before and After

The first time Charla Nash has been on television since suffering serious injuries in a vicious chimpanzee attack in February was on Wednesday’s episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where she displayed her severely damaged face.

Before the incident, she appeared in pictures with a big smile and bright eyes.

no longer. During a horrifying 12-minute mauling by Travis, a 200-pound pet chimpanzee, Nash lost her hands, nose, and eyes. She explained to Winfrey that Nash is now blind, unable to smell, and reliant on a straw to eat.

However, Nash’s unbreakable spirit endures. She stated on the programme, “I want to get well. “I don’t want to have nightmares when I wake up.”

She added that she wasn’t upset. She confessed to Winfrey, “I don’t even think about it.

The Nash family has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the animal’s owner, Sandra Herold, alleging negligence and recklessness on her part for not being able to control “a wild animal with violent propensities.”

According to Herold’s attorney, the attack was related to Herold’s job, and the situation calls for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Nash denied working for Herold. Herold kept the animal in the same house where she also operated a towing company.

This month, Nash’s family also sent a notice to Connecticut’s Office of Claims Commissioner, requesting authorization to sue the state for $150 million on the grounds that officials were negligent in stopping the attack.

Richard Blumenthal, the attorney general for Connecticut, has stated that the matter is being investigated.

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