May 11, 1988, was the birth date of Angela Renée White, better known by her stage name Blac Chyna, an American model, rapper, and businesswoman. Known as a “video vixen” because of her numerous appearances in hip-hop music videos.

Following her performance as a stunt double in Kanye West and Drake’s song “Miss Me,” Chyna gained increased media attention, which resulted in appearances in magazines such as Dimepiece, Straight Stuntin, and Black Men’s Magazine.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was Chyna’s reality TV show from 2014 until 2018. Even more so, she is best recognised for her appearances on Rob & Chyna (2016) and The Real Blac Chyna (2019).

In 2014, she opened a make-up parlour in Encino, Los Angeles, called Lashed by Blac Chyna. As a result of her performance in the same year’s Drake song “Miss Me,” she gained more media attention and was featured in publications including Dimepiece, Straight Stuntin, and Black Men’s Magazine.

Before and After Blac Chyna’s Plastic Surgery

Blac Chyna Before & After

After comparing Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) since 2010, many admirers believe that the limelight and celebrity have manipulated her such that she has undergone extensive plastic surgery in an attempt to achieve perfection in her physical appearance.

Blac Chyna’s claims have been circulating since 2010 when she was a normal employee and went by the name Angela, even though she is presently making the rounds for her before and after cosmetic undertakings.

This year, Blac revealed getting liposuction and had her breasts worked on four times a year, on The Wendy Williams Show 2019.

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Many people believe that Blac originally wanted to undergo breast augmentation surgery but then decided she was too large and underwent a breast reduction procedure. Blac, on the other hand, has simply acknowledged that she underwent breast reduction surgery.

She also admits to having butt lipo since it got out of hand when she gave birth to her daughter, Dream Kardashian, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Rob Kardashian (@robkardashianofficial).

To remove fat from particular parts of the body using suction, liposuction is a medical operation that utilises this method of fat removal. It had been reported that the holes in Chyna’s cheeks had been repaired at this point.

Blac Chyna Before & After

Not only that, but Blac’s fans are ready to cast judgement, alleging that she has undergone several procedures, including cheek and facelifts, lip and eyelid fillers, and eyelid lifts. It appears that Chyna’s cheeks have gotten larger, most likely owing to injectable fillers, considering she’s had many operations since 2010.

Because eyelid reconstruction still enhances Blac’s attractiveness, Dr Peter Capizzi couldn’t deny that Blac underwent eyelid reconstruction in 2017. An NYC surgeon claims that “Chyna’s present look appears to be achieved with her new looks,” and claims that she received lip filler in the same year as her new looks.

Balc has never accepted or rejected any charges of plastic surgery, although claiming to have conducted countless operations.

In her Instagram and other media posts, she appears to be a huge fan of makeovers and changes her look daily for the cameras. One of Blac’s Twitter followers remarked, “I’m a huge fan!” “It’s safe to say that Blac Chyna played herself very well with all of her cosmetic procedures. The sad part is that she was a natural baddie before this.”

It appears that the public is amazed at Blac’s ability to thrive in the limelight and get more glitzy with each passing day, and we can only hope that she will continue to do so.

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Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit Against the Kardashians Over ‘Rob & Chyna’

On April 18, Blac Chyna’s trial against the Kardashian family began the jury selection process. Her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian and the Kardashian family were sued by Blac Chyna in 2017 for allegedly harming her brand.

The reality programme Rob and Chyna, which ran on E! for one season in 2016, was cancelled, and Blac Chyna is now suing for more than $100 million in damages.

Blac Chyna Before & After

After just three months of dating, Rob Kardashian and Chyna Kardashian got engaged. Dream Kardashian, the couple’s five-year-old daughter, was born in November 2016. The couple broke up a month later. Chyna filed a defamation suit against Rob and his family in October 2017.

The reality programme Rob & Chyna was cancelled when Blac Chyna claimed the Kardashians were involved. In addition, Rob allegedly posted naked photos of Blac Chyna on the internet before the show’s cancellation was made public, as reported by Glamour.

As of Monday, April 18, jury selection had been completed and the trial had begun. In court documents obtained by People, the family’s attorney noted that Chyna has provided “no factual proof, economic analysis, or expert testimony”.

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