’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Who Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

Most 90-Day Fiancé stars use their earnings from the show to undergo cosmetic surgery after making their reality television debuts.

While some choose to have aesthetic and plastic surgery, other actors in the cast, including Angela Deem, Tiffany Franco, and Winter Everett, opted to have weight loss surgery.

The first member of the cast to get bariatric surgery was Angela, who initially appeared on season two of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with Michael Ilseanmi.

On the season 5 tell-all of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, which will premiere in October 2020, she regrettably did not receive the support she had hoped for from her spouse when she revealed she would be getting weight loss surgery.

’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Who Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

Michael insisted that he loved her regardless of her size and weight and that having surgery on the native of Georgia was not something he agreed with. The best choice for Angela’s health, she felt, was weight loss surgery.

The native of Nigeria found out that his wife had taken the choice and would be carrying it out against his preferences, and he was outraged by this information.

She got gastric sleeve surgery in August 2020, which Angela revealed to Us Weekly in March 2021. 90-Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After when she came back? She had already shed 106 pounds by season 6 tell-all.

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Angela’s weight loss surgery experience appears to have influenced Tiffany, a co-star from the sixth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Who Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

Tiffany, who made her television debut on season one of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way with Ronald Smith, informed host Shaun Robinson that she would be having the same surgery as Angela in two days.

You didn’t tell me, you know that Angela retorted. For you, I’m overjoyed!

I’m excited, I tell you. It has been a protracted process,” the New Jersey native remarked, adding that her spouse disagreed with the choice as well. Although Ronald wasn’t initially encouraging, I now firmly believe that with everything going on in my life, this is the best course of action.

In order to speak, Ronald shook his head. He explained why he did not support his wife’s weight loss operation by saying, “I mean, me and Tiffany, we had tonnes of disputes about that topic. That is how I approach it: “Why not put forth the effort. The results will be more pleasing to you.

Angela agreed with the South African but said that while it may have been simpler for Tiffany to lose weight in her late 20s through a regular diet and exercise regimen, it would have been more difficult for her in her mid-50s.

’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Who Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

Tiffany protested that it wouldn’t be simple. “It’s going to be incredibly difficult because the operation alters the kind of food you can consume, but it doesn’t alter your thinking, so that’s the work that needs to be done after the surgery.”

“Exactly,” said Angela.

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