The internet was ablaze with rumors that Phil Gallagher, better known to his young fans as Mister Maker on the BBC, had passed away. The speculation was spread further through TikTok and Twitter, however, we can assure you that it is completely false.

British host Phil Gallagher is well-known for his appearances in pantomimes, on CBeebies’ Mister Maker, and as Mr. Liker Biker in Grandpa in my pocket.

Many folks were concerned that he had passed away when they failed to see him in his trademark spotted waistcoat and spiked hair on TV recently.

How Did Phil Gallagher’s Hoax Start?

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Fans are getting Phil Gallagher and another presenter, Mark Speight, mixed up.

BBC kids host Mark Speight was discovered dead at Paddington station on April 7, 2008, from an apparent suicide by hanging himself with his shoelaces.

Soon after his arrest for questioning in the death of his fiancee Natasha Collins, he passed away. Natasha’s body was discovered in a bath with burns, sleeping pills, and vodka in her system.

Mark and Phil are both in the same industry, so it’s possible that they’ve been confused with one another. Thus, Mister Maker has fallen victim to a fake death hoax.

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Is Mr. Maker Dead Or Alive?

Do not misunderstand me; Mr. Maker is very much alive. In spite of rumors to the contrary, Phil Gallagher is still among us today, as evidenced by a recent Instagram “picture” and a lengthy social media train.

Mister Maker cautioned his group and followers to be careful throughout the pandemic in a recent post that included a typical image from the present. Additionally, Phil has been doing interviews from his remote home.

When the confusion started, host Phil Gallagher was misidentified as another presenter named Mark Speight. BBC children’s TV host Mark Speight was found dead at Paddington station on April 7, 2008, from an apparent suicide by hanging himself with his shoelaces.

Many were perplexed because Mark and Phil worked in the same field and his death came soon after his arrest for the murder of his fiancée, Natasha Collins.

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Who Started CBeebies Star Phil Gallagher’s Death Hoax?

Phil Gallagher’s fans have been giving him a hard time, so he replaced him with Mark Speight, a new host. Now poor Mister Maker has been the target of a scam that will ultimately cost him his life.

When he was arrested for the murder of his fiancee, Natasha Collins, he passed away soon after. Natasha’s body, which had burns, cocaine, sleeping pills, and vodka in her system, was discovered in the bathtub.

Perhaps people were confused because Mark and Phil are both professionals in the same field. This means that Mister Maker is now the victim of a death hoax!

What Is Phil Gallagher’s Age?

Is Mr. Maker Dead Or Alive

Phil is 45 years old as of now given that his birthday is March 3. His parents gave birth to him in Gillingham, England, and raised him with tenderness and care.

At the beginning of his career, he worked for BBC Radio Kent as a sports reporter. At Playhouse Disney, he played the role of puppeteer and performer, and he also had a role as a Studio Disney character and voice actor.

Gallagher, at 27 years old, hosted GMTV’s Diggin’ It from 2003 until 2005. He did the voiceover for the show Unanimous on Channel 4 and had a regular appearance as “Pablo” on Mighty Truck of Stuff in 2006.

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