We can’t seem to stop talking about the origin of the ‘Dab Me Up’ meme that’s now trending on Twitter. And exactly what does that term refer to? Okay, then, let’s find out.

Memes are a common online phenomenon, and there are a few main types.

We all know Distracted Boyfriend, Doge, and Drake’s Hotline Bling. And, of course, there’s the Woman Shouting at the Cat.

Memes play a big role in the culture of the internet, but occasionally new ones develop that are puzzling.

Everything you need to know about the ‘Dab Me Up’ meme that has been making the rounds on Twitter.

About Dab me up

With the words “dab me up” written beneath his golden teeth, this custom-drawn emoji shows a grin on the face of a man who is preparing to dab someone with his free hand. The Dab Me Up Emoji, which portrays a smiling face with a golden tooth and a raised hand as if to dab someone up, is reminiscent of the Dap Me Up meme.

The image went viral on Twitter, inspiring numerous parodies in the form of films and photoshops, as well as new emojis—including one depicting the original getting daubed up and another showing the two daubings each other. These expressions were first used in mobile games like Mafia City.

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“Dab Me Up” Origin

Dab Me Up Meme

The “Stronger Than You” expression was created by the Mafia City art team and was used in-game to mock other players (see emoji below). As of January 2019, the emote has its own article on the Mafia City Wiki

On January 7th, 2019, ME.ME[17] gathered a screenshot of the emote in action in the Mafia City chat as part of an image macro. Redditor u/richmrandom submitted an emote on January 27, 2020, titled “Imagining Vaccinating Your Children,” to the subreddit /r/comedyheaven[18] in response to the anti-vax Facebook page. The post received over 63,000 upvotes in a year.

“Dab Me Up”

Soon after, discord users around began reacting to the emote. On January 25, 2021, @DoubleJTheG sent a low-quality image on Twitter with the caption “Dab me up,” and an emoji of a hand. Unfortunately, the photo’s original creator remains unknown.

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What Is the ‘Dab Me Up’ Meme?

The “Dab Me Up” meme features an emoji with a gold tooth. A yellow hand appears ready to dab on the right side of the head.

It was in 2015 that the dab became a common hand gesture among young people; it consists of raising one arm over one’s head while holding the other arm down by the wrist.

What other meanings may we ascribe to the phrase “dab me up”?

Explaining the Meaning of ‘Dab Me Up’?

You realize that the slang meaning of “dab me up” is “dap me up,” right? If someone says “dap me up,” it means they want you to sexually assault them.

The term “dap” refers to a variety of cordial greetings, including the handshake, pound embrace, fist bump, and chest bump.

Recently, the term “dab me up” has replaced “dabbin'” when used as a greeting.

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The ‘DAB Me Up’ Meme Is Going Viral

Now that we have defined “dabbing” and “dapping me up,” we might ask: where did this meme originate? The origin of the meme is unknown, but it has become a popular means of internet expression.

In January 2021, a YouTuber named DoubleJTheG posted a video of himself spamming an Instagram group chat with the phrase “dab me up” until he was thrown out of the conversation and the video became viral.

Dab Me Up Meme

The video has been widely shared online for several months.

Before the Jake Paul fight, Island Boys are pelted with drinks.

The Most Popular Jargon of 2021, According to Know Your Meme

Tell me the slang meaning of the phrase “DAB me up.”

Grab me by the arm and gently grip your index finger to lift me out. This definition was generously provided by Urban Dictionary.

What does DAB me Up Mean in Slang?

Since 2015, ‘dabbing’ (a type of dance) has become incredibly popular among American teenagers. It’s evolved to mean a show of happiness or lightheartedness. It’s like sneezing into one’s elbow.

What Does It Mean When Someone Dabs at You?

It’s popular to show dap by a handshake (often by locking thumbs), a fist bump, an embrace, or a hammering of the fist. Black military personnel employed this strategy throughout the Vietnam War, coining the name “Black Power,” which has been in use ever since.

What Does Getting Dapped up Mean?

Because of its significance in African-American culture, the dap has come to represent power and solidarity. Dap is an abbreviation for “pride and dignity.” Dap is more than just a welcome now. Over time, it evolved into a language that allowed its speakers to more effectively share their beliefs, their sense of self, and their culture with one another.

What does DAB mean on Snapchat?

DAB stands for “Digital Audio Broadcasting,” so you don’t feel obligated to thank us just yet.

What is DAP Urban Dictionary?

Only in the past year has the website been cited as evidence to define the term “iron” (or “handgun”). Catfishing refers to the practice of online predation by those who create false online personas in order to prey on their victims. Grenade and the dap (a kind of welcome in which the fists are knocked together) (a girl who is always found with a group of hotties).

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