Many students ask many questions before taking Cisco CCIE Exam, like “what should I prepare? what abilities should I have? what the hell should I do?” Now, I’d like to give you my personal advice on some important aspects.

First, in theory, you need to read as many books as possible. TCP / IP Volume 1 and Volume 2 must be read at least twice. You must fully understand these basic theories. There are many related books on the Internet. Please read, read and read!

Second, you need to be prepared for a long “battle”.CCIE Certification is a very valuable certification. Therefore, even if you are a talented person, you need long-term efforts to obtain it easily.

Third, it may cost you a lot of money. Training fees and examination fees are not cheap. However, if you do get a Cisco CCIE Certification, you can earn back your expenses in a short time.

Last but not least, you should have a strong will. I mean, be prepared to face the same computer every day and always press the same keyboard.

The CCIE exam is divided into two parts, written examination and CCIE Lab. Students must pass the written test before they can take CCIE Lab. Most agents conduct a simulation test before candidates conducting a real test. If you can pass the simulation test, maybe you can also pass the final test.

It’s not difficult to pass the written exam, but it’s not easy to pass the laboratory exam. To pass the laboratory examination, you need to have rich professional knowledge. You’d better go to a reliable training center first, and then start professional closed training and exam guidance.

Two Ways to Succeed

1. Self study. To obtain CCIE Certification through self-study requires more than two years of working experience, enough time, noble spirit and perfect experimental environment. Moreover, you must have perseverance and never give up.

2. Attend the training center. Make full use of the experimental equipment of the training center. Communicate with other students. Most importantly, you can get the guidance of CCIE experts to improve learning efficiency. You can yield twice the result with half the effort.  

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