E-cargo bikes are the future of city transportation as they are more compact and versatile than conventional modes of transportation like automobiles or trucks. It would be best to opt for a cargo ebike; from the high gas price to traffic jams, the increased cost of maintaining vehicles, and the effect of carbon on climate change, the list remains unending.

Cruise in Style: Upgrade to A Cargo E-Bike

The Haoqi Antelope Pro Electric Bike has 48V 25Ah long-range dual batteries and a powerful 750 Bafang motor, allowing you to ride up to 85 miles. It also has a load capacity of 400 lbs., twice that of most cargo e-bikes on the market. This article discusses the necessity of upgrading to an electric cargo bike and how it can benefit you.

What are cargo ebikes?

Cargo bikes have existed as far back as the nineteen’s; traders commonly used them for goods and deliveries. These electric bikes, also known as freight bicycle, is designed for transporting riders, goods, or extra passengers from one place to another. It has been modernized to function with an electrical motor to reduce the effort required for pedaling and provides extra power for speed. The carriage part comes in different forms, such as a box, basket, or rack. It is attached to the bike at the front or behind its wheel. The idea is to carry more than an ordinary human would take, especially while riding an electric bicycle. The amount of loads the e-bike can have depends on the features of the bike.

Types of cargo e-bikes

There are many different kinds of electric cargo bikes, such as:

  • Long tail bike: 

These electric bikes have a longer rear end to accommodate a cargo rack or basket. They are ideal for transporting heavy or bulky loads.

  • Mid-tail Bikes: 

They are similar to longtail bikes with shorter rear ends. Mid-tail ebikes are easier to maneuver than longtail bikes, but they still have a lot of space for cargo.

  • Front-loading bikes: 

A cargo compartment is in front of the handlebars on these bikes. They are suitable for transporting bulky or heavy items like groceries.

  • Rear-loading bikes: 

Behind the rider’s seat is a cargo area suitable for carrying briefcases, backpacks, or smaller items.

  • Trailers:

Trailer ebikes are best for carrying cargo. The trailers can be attached to the back of standard bicycles.

Advantages of Cargo E-Bikes

Cargo e-bikes offer many benefits, especially for city residents. Its compact size allows you to travel around, and the attachment of the motor makes hill climbing possible.

  • Ideal for commuting: 

The cargo e-bike lets you move around more easily since you have more space to carry a passenger and your gear. With the Cargo bike, you can take your kids everywhere. This e-bike is suitable for family activities such as camping or picnicking. Personal transportation is also becoming an increasingly popular use for cargo ebikes. For commuters who need to transport goods to and from work, such as laptops or groceries, they are an excellent choice.

  • Lower maintenance cost: 

Every combustion vehicle owner can attest to the multiple bills they must pay to use cars, from buying expensive gas to numerous licenses. On the other hand, cargo e-bikes are much cheaper than vehicles and do not attract additional charges such as packing fees and fines, vehicle taxes, and insurance premiums. The cost of maintaining an e-bike is more affordable when compared to vehicles.

  • Suitable for delivery businesses: 

With the increased business cost, getting an eco-friendly cargo electric bike might be your best decision this year. It’s useful for commuting you to work and efficient to move around, especially if your business requires making deliveries. It’s more effective and faster than a van and doesn’t emit carbon emissions.

  • Numerous health Benefits: 

Even if you can use your cargo ebike to ensure a productive day, it’s also a great way to combine daily activities with exercise. Because riding a cargo ebike requires a lot of physical effort and can be good for your health, hence it can aid you in developing stamina, staying in shape, and overall fitness enhancement. 

  • Versatile in nature: 

Electric cargo bikes’ versatility is another discussable benefit. Cargo ebikes are suitable for various purposes, such as transporting goods and equipment, commuting to work or school, and running errands. In addition, you can customize them to suit your specific needs.

  • Eco-friendly: 

Cargo ebikes are good for the environment because they don’t produce emissions and use less energy than traditional cars. Additionally, they require less space in parking lots and on the road, reducing traffic congestion and the need for large parking lots.

  • User-friendly: 

Cargo e-bikes are fun and easy to ride; the electric motor helps eliminate the carriage’s weight even in a hilly environment. Unlike when riding traditional bikes, riders will have to put so much pressure on pushing both the bicycle and the cargo, electric cargo bikes, on the other hand, have pedal assist that allows you to ride effortlessly.

Cruise in Style: Upgrade to A Cargo E-Bike

Why Should You Get HAOQI Antelope Pro 750 Cargo E-Bike?

The HAOQI antelope pro electric bike has 48V 25Ah long-range dual batteries with a powerful 750W BAFANG Motor. The two batteries extend the range to 55-80 miles simultaneously. The 750W BAFANG MOTOR is a raw reduction gear, a powerful chip with 80+ NM torque that helps you go faster and farther (the motor is designed with a waterproof cover to help protect the inner parts). The signal processing is timely and not easily damaged.

Antelope Pro has a payload capacity of 400 lbs. with front and rear baskets; it can haul it all and has a maximum speed of 28mph. The bike offers excellent stability with versatile load modes for multi-purpose usage. Also, it contains SHIMANO 7-speed gear and shift system. With the pedal assist, you can adjust the comfortable speed of your choice.

The tire is 20″ X 4″ fat, making it strong enough for that hill ride. The champagne gold rim adds a decent touch to showcase your unique style. The bike is easy to assemble, cost-effective, and of excellent quality.


Cargo e-bikes are eco-friendly, cost-effective, health, space-saving, safe, and lovable e-bike. They are suitable for carrying loads, pets, and kids and can function as a delivery vans.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of cargo and electric bikes, you should get the Haoqi Antelope Cargo Electric Bike. It has a stylish design with top range and speed; the electric motor also helps reduce the effort required to move the cargo. You don’t need to recharge regularly; it has a dual rechargeable battery for a long ride. To enjoy the versatility and flexibility of an electric cargo bike, get the Haoqi Antelope cargo ebike today.

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