Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin era is a cryptocurrency trading robot that provides both manual and automated mode trading in the crypto market. It is an intuitive trading system that allows people to trade profitably with the use of cryptocurrencies. With the help of manual mode, traders have the option through which they asset the trading, this system is based on the signals which are generated by the software. While on the other hand, the automated saves the trouble of the traders by using a sophisticated algorithm on their behalf, once it finds a profitable trading opportunity. The Bitcoin era is used on any device browser with the success of internet connection, as a result, you used the software anywhere or at any time. The trading robot helps with market and data analysis, trading signal generation, as well as trade execution. So, it provides trading opportunities at all times of day and night that are never lost.

Pros and cons of the Bitcoin Era


  •       Claiming rate is about 85% success.
  •       No fees and commissions for creating an account
  •       Your funds are stored with a brokerage
  •       Trades by using 14 different cryptocurrencies in the market
  •       Withdraw money within 24 hours


  •       The minimum deposit requires the $250
  •       No Social trading features
  •       Does not completely limit risk

 How Does the Bitcoin Era Work?

Bitcoin era works by using the algorithm which is named Sophisticated AI algorithm. This algorithm helps the bitcoin era to work like an automated trading tool in the crypto market. The platform’s proprietary algorithm has been trained on years’ worth of cryptocurrency market data. Which can track the rising and fall of the price of a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Era places the trade with a high prevalence to achieve the profits. When it identifies the trade with a profit, it will automatically open a position by using the funds that are in your trading account. The algorithm monitors all the trading and sees its signs of progress and closes when trade runs its course.  All the funds are transferred to your account back including any profit.

Bitcoin Era key features

High-Frequency Rate Trading

Bitcoin Era is using a high-frequency trading system to make more profit from the crypto market which is similar to other crypto bots like bitcoin eranew. With the help of bots, bitcoin makes the high-frequency trading in the crypto market every day.  As the bitcoin era is claimed 85% success rate this is only due to the Era’s Algorithm which is bots and never makes mistakes. According to the Bitcoins eras websites, the algorithms work and make a profitable trade much faster than any human trader, which gives an

edge over the crypto market.

The market of Dozens of Crypto

Bitcoin Era is much capable of trading in the market with CFDs for14 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, ZCash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, IOTA, EOS, NEO, Binance Coin, and Ripple. From these cryptocurrencies, you can be traded against in which USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, and many others. Bitcoin Era’s algorithm has provided the dozens of markets to scan, and increased the number of opportunities for trading for high frequency.

Fee-Free Trading

The thing which makes the Bitcoin Era unique and different from others is that it’s completely free to use. The platform doesn’t charge any fees for creating an account and you have not to need any charges for trading while using the software. There are also no fees or commissions on the profit which you make from the trade.

  •   Trading Fees                  None
  •   Account Fees                 None
  •   Minimum Deposit               $250
  •   Deposit/Withdrawal Fees        None

Fast Withdrawals 

Bitcoin era provides, you can be drawn your profit quickly when you want. Most of the withdrawals proceed within 24 hours. This is important because it allows you to remain liquid when other investment opportunities come up on short notice. You can draw your money in a simple way with your attached bank account.

Demo Mode

The Bitcoin era provides a very up-to-date method of crypto trading with an automated algorithm. You have the option to try a demo mode before risking the real money. In demo mode, the bitcoin era uses paper money to start the trades. In this way, you can see how the algorithm of the bitcoin era works and perform the crypto trading under the market conditions. It also evaluates the trading and suggests whether it is a fit for your style or not. 

A friendly platform for users

The platform is web-based, easy to use, and provides all the bits of help that users need. You have all its access on your mobile or desktop devices via its browsers including all iPhones and Android phones. But is recommended to all users that they must use secure browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This is all about the safety of your money. Bitcoin Era claims that it provides offers 24/7 customer support. In the case of needs, you must have an active account of BItcoin Era that you get in touch with the support team.

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