Best Tips for Internet Users to Speed up Connection

Faster internet is the need of time. The time has come when everyone from adults to kids is engaged in online activities including streaming, gaming, downloading, and browsing. No matter, what you do, you can’t disconnect yourself from the online world.

In the recent past, the use of the internet has increased manifolds and that is likely due to the increase in the number of usages. For instance, if you compare it to the past, people are now turning their traditional homes into smart homes. Cable subscribers are cutting the cord forever and turning to stream platforms. Similarly, gaming has gone more online and less offline in the recent past. Remember the days when you only had to install a game on your computer and without the internet, you could have played for hours. But now things are different and the internet is needed in every part of our lives.

If you have missed all the fun until now due to a slow internet connection, don’t worry because Cox is here to help you out. The downloading speed and prices are optimal and suit everyone’s needs. Moreover, if you want to have customer support to address any issue or assistance, you can call numero de cox servicio al cliente en español and get assistance in the Spanish language.

However, sometimes your speed might not be working as optimal as it used to be in the day or just an hour before. Here are some of the ways to fix internet speed issues.

Check Your Internet Cap

Internet data cap can be a nightmare for those who use the internet heavily. Most of the service providers only offer a limited data, which might not suit your requirements due to the number of persons and the number of devices connected to the internet. Before you subscribe to any of the plans, you need to check the internet data cap. However, if you are not getting an unlimited data allowance, don’t worry because most internet providers offer enough amount of data to keep you covered for a whole month.

Tighten Your Wires and Connections

When it comes to the internet, the biggest disruptor of speed is lost connection or cracked wire. When facing speed issues, you don’t need to call your customer support right away. Make sure to check whether all the wires and cables are tightly connected. If there are cracks in it, make sure to replace it with a new one. A large number of people use the same old wire to connect to the internet, which slows down speed.

Router Placement is Important

The Internet has gone wireless due to technological advancement. Most internet users connect their devices through routers for mobile and convenient connectivity, except for a few gamers who connect their laptops directly through Ethernet cable. Make sure to place your router in a central place of your home so that signals can reach throughout the home. Moreover, if there are any hindrances or obstacles, make sure to remove them immediately. Avoid placing your router near signal and wave emitting devices such as radio or microwave.

Power off Your Router

Slow internet speed is due to many reasons. It has not always to be blamed on your service provider. You need to check your side as well before blaming your ISP. If you are facing slow speed, one of the easiest and verified hacks is to turn off your router for a minute or two and power it back. Once the router’s lights go stable, you will see a huge difference in speed. Don’t miss this routine of restarting your router after a week or a month. It will help stay connected to the internet without facing any speed issues.

Buy a WiFi Extender

In bigger households, most people face slow speed due to poor coverage of internet signals. Don’t worry if you are facing the issue as well because you can fix it by investing only $50 or less to buy a WiFi extender. Once you buy a WiFi extender and plug it in you will see a huge difference in signals. Especially in the areas where you normally faced poor signals will now be getting stronger signals. Buying a WiFi extender will help you to experience high-speed internet all through the house.

Install an Antivirus Software

Sometimes when you are facing slow-speed internet, you need to check your laptop or PC whether they are infected with a virus or not. If they are infected with a virus, scan your system completely and delete all the infected files. Once you have disinfected your system, you will find a great difference in speed. Make sure to use reputed software like McAfee, Norton, Avast, and Microsoft Essentials.

Summing Up

Internet is the need of time and if you have tried all of the aforementioned tips, it is time to either call your customer support or switch to another provider. If you are chained to a long-term contract and can’t afford a hefty termination fee, try finding out a service provider that offers a contract buyout plan.

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