Dana White unveiled his new appearance after a bizarre body makeover. After learning he had only TEN years to live, White acknowledged he changed his ways.

In a recent Instagram photo, the 53-year-old UFC president appears to be in terrible shape. White is pictured at the gym, complete with a six-pack and a strong physique.

The MMA boss followed a rigorous ketogenic diet and believes the recovery took just 10 weeks.

He stated: “I followed his instructions to the letter. Thirty pounds have been lost; thirteen weeks ago, I couldn’t tie my shoes because my legs were so messed up.” I don’t snore anymore, and my sleep apnea has been completely eliminated in ten f*g weeks.”

The former boxer from Connecticut has transformed his life after receiving a hard wake-up call. He claimed to have gone to a guru who performed DNA and blood tests.

Expert in human biology and mortality “Gary Brecka asserts that he has the ability to foretell his clients’ demise.


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After being recommended by friend Carrie Casem to Miami-based Brecka and his business 10x Health Systems, the results turned out to be terrible news for White.

The UFC president, 53, stated to the Action Junkies Podcast: “This person has the ability to predict your death date with only your blood and DNA. And within a month, he is correct.

“What the heck is that? I have to be aware. I get a f***ing obsession with learning when I’m going to pass away.

“I click with this person, so they take my blood and take my DNA by scraping the inside of my cheeks. I’m expected to get my findings back on Wednesday after that.

He calls to tell me he will walk me through my blood work, and he swears he will. I respond, “Motherf***er.”


“I was curious as to when this would occur today. “He eventually exits, spends three and a half hours reviewing my blood results, and leaves.

“I’m completely f***ed. The range for my triglycerides should be between 80 and 150; instead, they are around 764.

“Everything else that may be negative is negative. “I was given 10.4 years to live by him.

“I didn’t tell this guy jack s*** about me, my medical background, or what was going on with me personally. That frightened me the most. He revealed to me all of my flaws, including something I kept from my wife.

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