Tyler Hoover is a well-known American YouTuber in the automobile industry best known for his channel “Hoovies Garage.” He is well-known for his amusing YouTube movies in which he makes irrational purchases of inexpensive enthusiast automobiles and transforms them into brand-new vehicles.

He has a love for automobiles and is well-known for his engrossing and educational reviews of a variety of models. Hoover has gained a sizable online following for his distinctive perspective on the auto industry and has been published in a number of automotive periodicals.

Hoover has established himself as a respected voice in the automotive industry thanks to his endearing personality and in-depth knowledge of autos. He offers his followers witty and intelligent information. He has established himself as a vehicle enthusiast and is well known for his contributions to the industry.

What Is Tyler Hoover’s Net Worth?

 Tyler Hoover's Net Worth
Full NameTyler Hoover
Age34 years old
Birth PlaceWichita, Kansas, U. S.
WifeAnn Nguyen
Net Worth$2 million

Tyler’s estimated $2 million net worth as of right now comes from his automobile channel, “Hoovie’s Garage.” His estimated net worth in 2018, his first year working full-time, was slightly under $1 million. After nearly going bankrupt in the first two years of his channel, what an incredible success.

In conclusion, Tyler’s wacky videos and great findings have not only set him apart from other cars YouTubers but also helped him find remarkable success. The car repairs were first just Tyler’s hobby. This pastime quickly evolved into a full-time job within a few years.

Tyler Hoover’s Car Collection

Tyler has a collection of amazing vehicles in his garage that he refers to as his “Hooptie Fleet.” Of which, the majority came from second-hand shops and junkyards that presumably never expect to make a sale. Most of the vehicles Tyler buys are prepared for the junkyard. But what sets his channel apart is his dedication to making them like new.

Tyler has accumulated, fixed up, and sold over 100 vehicles over the years. He still has 17 of them, and they are being stored in his garage. There are several vintage automobiles in the collection, including the 1951 Ford Country Squire, the 1966 Ford Mustang, and numerous Mercedes.

Tyler is not just a fan of vintage vehicles. He also has a variety of high-end luxury vehicles in his collection. Brands include anything from Porsche and Aston Martin to Nissan and Mazda. While his Lamborghinis were his priciest vehicles.

His shop recently sold a Lincoln Continental Town Coupe and a Ferrari 355. Tyler earns a respectable income from these sales. After all, he did purchase them for a pittance and restore them to nearly new condition.

The Most Famous Repair of Tyler Hoover

Tyler has a number of well-liked videos, the majority of which have more than 1 million views. His most watched video, though, was about fixing a broken Mercedes S600 V12 that he had paid $4,500 for. Normally, this Mercedes model would sell for more than five times that much. It makes sense why the video was so popular.

Tyler demonstrates to his audience in his most well-known repair job how much time and money it costs to fix a car like this. The “Hoovie’s Garage” channel frequently posts videos that are either reviews or severe repairs. However, the car was such a fantastic deal that it helped this video become so well-liked.

Tyler spent less money restoring the damaged Mercedes S600 V12 than the car would have cost to buy new. Tyler repaired the car for about $13,000 over the course of a year.

The subjects of Tyler’s most well-liked films are frequently inexpensive cars. The reason a $15,000 Hyundai is more opulent than a Rolls Royce is the topic of his second most popular video. Before watching the film, the majority would not agree with this assertion. Tyler, however, expresses his ideas in a way that provides a thorough study of each car and balances its advantages and disadvantages.

His films receive so many views when they feature genuinely cheap cars because more people can relate to them. Tyler’s online profile with automobiles has increased along with his net worth thanks to his relatable and entertaining channel.

Tyler Hoover’s TV show

Tyler Hoover's TV show

The YouTuber and his technician David Long, also known as The Car Wizard, are guests on MotorTrend’s Car Issues with Tyler Hoover television programme. After seeing his YouTube videos, Brandon from Brightbay Creative contacted him about a concept for a TV show.

The automobile reality series was launched in 2021 after Tyler decided he liked the concept. Tyler Hoover was successful in turning his hobby into a successful business. From creating YouTube videos and writing essays, he has expanded his influence to include creating a reality series on cars.

Tyler Hoover’s Wife And How They Met?

Tyler Hoover's Wife

In 2019, Tyler and Quynh Anh exchanged vows. Quynh Anh is the wife of Tyler Hoover. She is Vietnamese, was raised in Saigon, and moved to America in 2008.

They started dating after meeting at an Asian buffet restaurant in Wichita where she worked as a waiter. The couple married in 2019 and had a son together. Tyler also has a child from an earlier union.


Tyler Hoover is an American automotive YouTuber and the host of the popular YouTube channel “Hoovies Garage” who has a net worth of $ 2million. Tyler is a former car salesman who went on to become an automotive writer and YouTuber. He makes a business by purchasing, repairing, and reselling automobiles. as a hobby

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