American internet entrepreneur Thomas Anderson co-founded the social networking site Myspace with Chris DeWolfe in 2003. Later, he served as Myspace’s president and chief executive officer.

Because Anderson would be automatically added as the first “friend” of new Myspace users when their profiles were created, he is also known as “Tom from Myspace,” “Myspace Tom,” or “My friend, Tom.”

For the first time, people had the ability to define themselves through a virtual profile, connecting with friends and family near and far, and updating their sites.

Myspace’s demise coincided with the rise of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, that does not imply that Tom Anderson, the company’s co-founder, was left empty-handed. What happened to Tom from Myspace, and how much money is he worth now?

Tom Anderson’s Background

Tom Anderson's Background

On November 8, 1970, in Escondido, California, Tom Anderson was born. An entrepreneur, his father “had one wild notion after another.”

Tom was a hacker while a student at San Pasqual High School going by the alias “Lord Flathead,” and after he infiltrated the computer network of Chase Manhattan Bank, the FBI conducted a raid on the Anderson residence and seized Tom’s computer hardware. Anderson was placed on probation instead of being arrested because he was only 14 years old at the time.

He began studying English at the University of California, Berkeley after high school, where he later worked as the band Swank’s main vocalist. Tom relocated to Taiwan before coming back to California to enroll in the University of California, Los Angeles’ film program.

What Is The Net Worth Of Tom Anderson?

Tom Anderson is an American businessman with a $60 million fortune. As a co-founder of the social networking site Myspace and through lucrative real estate ventures, Tom Anderson amassed a substantial fortune.

He and Chris DeWolfe co-founded Myspace in 2003, and he later served as the company’s president and strategic adviser. Tom used his Myspace money to invest in real estate and other online ventures.

His riches are undoubtedly being put to use for his new passion because he is now a trip photographer. Because everyone who joined the social network had his photo as their default friend, he rose to fame.

A Career Overview Of Tom Anderson

Brad Greenspan, an internet entrepreneur, launched eUniverse before hiring Tom to work for him at Myspace.

A Career Overview Of Tom Anderson

At XDrive, a provider of online storage, Anderson was a copywriter and product tester in 2000. He met Chris DeWolfe, the future co-founder of Myspace, at XDrive. The next year, the business filed for bankruptcy. Direct marketing firm ResponseBase was soon co-founded by Tom and Chris.

Tom and Chris sold ResponseBase to eUniverse in late 2002 and then started working there. Myspace was conceptualized following the 2002 release of Friendster.

Several eUniverse employees had Friendster accounts, and they rapidly saw the potential of such a social network. They organized into a team and began to copy the more well-liked elements of the competing social networking site.

Myspace was conceptualized following the 2002 release of Friendster. There were a number of eUniverse employees who had Friendster accounts. They realized the possibilities of such a social network right away. They organized into a team and began to copy the more well-liked elements of the competing social networking site.

In 2003, Anderson started the first Myspace pages. After eUniverse changed its name to Intermix Media, Myspace grew in popularity. The social network had 16 million monthly members by the time Myspace was sold to News Corp in the summer of 2005, and by January 2006, 200,000 new users were signing up every day.

By June 2006, Myspace had developed into the most well-liked social network in the United States; it retained this position until April 2008, when Facebook overtook it. Myspace’s popularity began to drastically wane after that.

In its heyday, Myspace had 1,600 workers on staff. That was down to 1,000 in June 2009 when 30% of the workforce was let go. By June 2011, there were only 400 employees left after additional layoffs.

Myspace was sold to Specific Media in June 2011 for $35 million and a 5% equity investment in that company. The agreement also included a small investment from Justin Timberlake.

After Selling Myspace, Did Tom Anderson Make Any Major Investments?

Anderson tweeted “Excited to be a SpaceX investor” on June 25, 2021, tagging business magnate Elon Musk.

The existence of Anderson as a real SpaceX investor has not been verified. Anderson has dabbled in real estate, according to The U.S. Sun, and is currently “working” as a traveling photographer.

Who Is Myspace Tom’s Girlfriend?

Little is known about the women he is dating or has dated in the past. He is reportedly unmarried right now, although he has reportedly been in at least one relationship in the past.

He did apparently have a girlfriend in 2017, according to several Instagram photos. They may still be together, although Tom hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since January 2019.


Tom Anderson is an American businessman with a $60 million fortune. Tom Anderson is well-known for having contributed to the creation of MySpace, one of the most popular social networking sites ever.

Tom Anderson’s numerous business and marketing endeavors have led to his success. In April 2009, he parted ways with MySpace and became an adviser for RocketFrog Interactive.

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