Robbi Jan is an Australian model, blogger, and social media influencer who also posts videos on YouTube. Because of the sexy and alluring pictures and videos she shared while traveling, she gained popularity on Instagram and other social media platforms. She currently has more than 195k Instagram followers.

In addition, Robbi has taken on the role of the social media spokesperson for a variety of sports and lingerie companies, including Zara, Flybrow, White Fox, MineTan Body Skin, MAC Cosmetics, CSB Activewear, and others.

She also has a name-branded YouTube channel with more than 23,000 subscribers. Garrett vs. Robbi on Hustler Casino Live and Robbi Jade Lew’s Net Worth is discussed in this article.

Biography of Robbi Jade Lew

Since Robbi Jade Lew was born on December 14th, she is between the ages of 30 and 35. She was born in the US state of California, in Los Angeles.

robbi jade lew net worth

Robbi Jade Lew resides in the American city of Los Angeles, California. According to studies, Robbi Jade Lew is of Not Identified ethnicity, a native of the United States, and bears the zodiac sign of Not Identified.

American poker player Robbi Jade Lew is well-known. The support of Robbi Jade Lew’s parents has never changed as she pursued her career.

She attended a different private college in Los Angeles, California, USA, while she attended a private institution there. Robbi Jade Lew was born at the same time as her identical sister. She plays poker better than most people in the entire nation, if not the world.

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Robbi Jade Lew’s Net Worth

robbi jade lew net worth
NameRobbi Jade Lew
Date Of Birth23/06/1987
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States
OccupationPoker Participant
Net WorthMore than $1 Million

According to start times, Robbi’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be greater than $1 million. She mostly earns a living through modeling, advertisements, and brand endorsements.

Relationships and Affair

Alex Costa, a YouTuber, and social media influencer, and Robbi have been dating. More details on the pair will shortly be revealed.

Robbi vs. Garrett at Hustler Casino

A wild hand played on a Livestream from the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles on Thursday night thrusts poker back into the public eye. Cheating in sports has been a major problem in 2022.

It also involves a player claiming that another player knows what cards their opponent is holding, just like the previous Livestream poker controversy. Most likely due to the RFID tag that each card carries, which allows spectators at home to see what is being carried.

Garrett Adelstein is regarded as one of the world’s top cash game players by the majority of people. He has a highly positive reputation, unlike some other well-known professionals.

Therefore, he probably didn’t anticipate much to change when Robbi Jade Lew called his usual raise from the big blind in the $100-$200-$400 game with 7 8 to $3000 against her in the $800 straddle. She responded with the weak J 4. She had $131,000 left over, which Adelstein soon covered.

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Robbi Jan is an Australian model, Youtuber, blogger, and social media influencer whose estimated net worth in 2022 will be greater than $1 million.

She became well-known on Instagram and other social media sites because of her sultry and alluring vacation photographs and videos. She makes most of her money from modeling, commercials, and endorsing brands.

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