Mike Bowman, who is most known for his role as the lead in Discovery’s Street Outlaws, is successful on both the track and in television. Mike has been racing ever since winning the $100K winner-takes-all World Series of Pro Mod in 2017. He’s amassed a big fortune by putting thousands on the line for underground car racers.

He is reported to have sold the same vehicle that had brought him that sum of money five years prior for at least $115,000. A major portion of the elite racer’s revenue comes from his adrenaline-fueled employment, which involves revving it up for money.

Bowman Has Experienced Great Success In Racing

In Las Vegas’s 2019 Street Car Super Nationals, Mike’s Chevelle took first place. He had won the $100K winner-takes-all World Series of Pro Mod just two years earlier.

In September 2018 at Gateway Motorsports Park, the racer’s parachute malfunctioned, sending him hurtling into the sand trap. Additionally, he wrecked his Chevelle at the Z-Max Four-Wide Nationals.

Mike Bowman Net Worth

After taking part in the Action Sprint Tour twice, The Street Outlaws’ standing has continued to rise. In the Super DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Series in 2016, he placed 49th, but the following year, he took first place.

Many people are interested in finding out his net worth after seeing him on Street Outlaws in 2021. On February 15, 2022, his squad defeated NOLA in a race.

What Is The Net Worth Of Mike Bowman In 2022?

Mike’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $600,000, according to networthpost. His new TV role on Street Outlaws in the No Prep Kings season in 2021 might have increased his net worth.

It is anticipated that the Team Cali racer would make between $20,000 and $30,000 per episode. Big Chief apparently receives $20,000 from Pilgrim Studios for each episode that airs.

Mike Bowman Net Worth
NameMike Bowman
Net Worth$600,000
Zodiac signSagittarius

The Street Outlaws’ leading man, Mike Bowman, has had a fantastic career both on the track and in the public eye. From just one race, he earned winnings totaling more than $100,000.

Since winning the $100K winner-takes-all World Series of Pro Mod in 2017, Mike has competed in racing. He’s made a sizable fortune in the underground motor racing industry.

Five years later, he is said to have sold the same car he used to win the prize for at least $115,000. He makes a lot of money as a professional racer from the adrenaline-fueled duty of turning it up.

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Bowman Earned $100,000 For Conquering “The Mountain”

On Saturday night at Bandimere Speedway, Mike Bowman, a last-minute invitee, took home the victory in the inaugural Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Mod race.

The Californian driver won the invitational, clocks-off Main Event of the Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Mod, presented by One Cure and J&A Service, along with a $100,000 cash and a special WSOPM championship belt.

Mike Bowman Net Worth

According to Bowman, this accomplishment is at the top of his list. In the past year, I’ve won NMCA championships as well as events in Pro Street and the Street Car Super Nationals.

I won a Super Chevy Show contest in Los Angeles in 1995. When I was last on the mountain, I competed in a race. It’s going to be great fun, I can tell. Everything took place very quickly. Sometimes everything works out the way you want it to, and this past weekend was one of those occasions.

Since there were no race results available, Bowman and a select few others were unaware that he had created Bandimere Speedway history with his turbocharged ’69 Chevelle during a test session for Precision Racing Suspension and Penske Racing Shock.

‘Sporty’ Bandimere came over and informed me that I had completed the first five-second door car pass in Denver after I had unloaded the car and completed the first complete pass. I appreciate you giving me this opportunity.

Mike Bowman Net Worth

For me, the weekend became better and better. After completing six (test) runs, I decided to take a break from the competition. I didn’t want to endanger the performance of my engine during the race.

I don’t need to test the vehicle once more on a racetrack. You never know what to expect when it comes to the subsequent run. That was the right choice.

Wes Buck, the editor-in-chief of Drag Illustrated, randomly selected the order of the first round’s eliminations on July 5 during his Facebook Live program.

The winner of the $10,000 Aeromotive Wild Card Shootout on Friday, August 5th, replaced Bowman in the fan voting. Derek Menholt finished in the top two spots on the 16-car grid after winning the Wild Card Shootout.

Bowman In The High-Octane Fight

Menholt attempted to keep up with Bowman during the intense battle but was unsuccessful, and Bowman pulled away to the finish line. In the second round, he defeated Michael Biehle with a 5.997, going back to the fives. Bowman just needed a 6.024 to beat Shane Molinari’s.016-second response time in the semifinals.

Steven Whiteley of Grand Junction, Colorado, and his J&A Service supercharged 2014 Cadillac CTS-V would be Bowman’s final rival. The driver who continuously outran the competition in the elimination rounds was Whiteley.

After Mike Knowles’ Blown Money Mustang was damaged in a top-end collision on Friday night, Tommy Johanns was hurried onto the track to take his place. He ran a time against him in the opening round that was under six seconds. Whiteley defeated Steve Matusek with a holeshot advantage in the semifinals after defeating Eric Latino in the second round.

Bowman thanked his wife Kristy, crew mates Brian Strange, Taylor Strange, and Chris Costanza, as well as Brad Personett, Jeremy Evrist, and Taylor Strange of Coburn Equipment, as well as Alex Grinder and Chris Costanza of Brad Anderson Enterprises.

Bowman will receive a unique World Series of Pro Mod championship ring donated by Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering in addition to the cash award and championship belt.

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Mike Bowman, best known for starring on Discovery’s Street Outlaws, is a success on both the TV and the track and has a net worth of $600,000. Just from one match, he has earned racing winnings of over $100,000.

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