James Franklin McIngvale, also known as “Mattress Mack”, is a well-known sports gambler and furniture store owner. Mattress Mack is known for placing extremely huge wagers on sporting events, particularly those with the Houston Astros.

In several of his wagers, if the Astros win, clients will get their money back for newly purchased mattresses at his businesses. Then, in order to cover the cost of the campaign, he places significant bets on the Astros.

Transforming Into Mattress Mack

Jim McIngvale was born in February 1951 in Starkville, Mississippi. In 1981, Jim used $5,000 of his life savings to start Gallery Furniture out of his pickup truck. In those early months and years, business increased gradually but steadily.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

However, after the oil industry had financial difficulties, nearly every retail establishment in Texas also experienced difficulties.

Jim invested his final $10,000 in a string of regional television commercials in 1983. He lost his temper during the filming of one of those commercials, pulled money out of his pockets, and exclaimed, “Gallery Furniture saves you money!” while the cameras continued to roll.

The audience loved the line, and he would go on to make it into his catchphrase. Early on, the company concentrated on low-cost, low-quality furniture, but as time went on, it expanded into higher-end products.

What Are Jim Mc Ingvale’s Net Worth And Salary?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates McIngvale’s net worth to be $300 million. Mattress Mack bet $3.45 million over 12 different sportsbooks in the months building up to the 2021 World Series, which pitted his Astros against the Braves.

Mattress Mack Net Worth
Net Worth:$300 Million
Date of Birth:Feb 11, 1951 (71 years old)
Nationality:United States of America

A record-breaking profit of $35.6 million would result from winning the wager, with almost $22 million coming from the Caesars SportsBook in Las Vegas. He calculated that it would cost $22 million to cover his mattress promotion.

He wagered $3.25 million on the Houston Astros to win the World Series in 2021, but CBS Sports reports that he lost out on a $35.6 payout when the team fell to the Atlanta Braves.

In 2017, he placed a wager on the Astros winning the World Series and offered rebates to clients who spent more than $3,000 in his shop. According to ESPN, he pledged to return $10 million to customers when the club won.

According to CBS Sports, he made headlines in 2022 by placing the largest legal sports wager ever—a $5 million wager—on the Cincinnati Bengals. His total wager was $9.5 million after his first $4.5 million wager. McIngvale lost out on a potential $16.5 million because the Bengals lost Super Bowl LVI.

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How Is Mattress Mack So Rich?

Mattress Mack Net Worth

You probably recognize the Mississippian who gained notoriety by masquerading as a mattress and appearing in low-budget TV commercials promoting his store if you’ve lived in Houston for the previous 40 years.

Since then, Gallery Furniture’s reputation has grown significantly and it is now the go-to place to acquire home necessities including beds, living room sets, and dining tables. According to current reports, the owner and operator, who is now a Texan, makes over $2 million per month.

And it looks like it’s all thanks to McIngvale.

Mack has been open about his gambling behavior, which has aided the growth of his company. When discussing betting and business promotions, he said: “These promotions attract customers of a higher caliber. a client who makes larger purchases and is more creditworthy and wealthy.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

Mack explained why he believes consumers prefer to spend more money during his special promotions:  “The opportunity that they might buy this and they might get it free brings them in.”

Super Bowl Bet For 2022

Mattress Mack bet $4.5 million on the Cincinnati Bengals to defeat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI, it was disclosed in early February 2022. It was the biggest mobile wager ever placed at the time, and he placed it using the Caesars Sports Book app.

Due to the app’s per-wage limits, he actually had to load the wager up in increments of $20,000 instead. He knew that he would win $7.7 million if the Bengals won when he made the wager. In addition, a refund would be given to anyone who purchased mattress sets or living room furnishings for $3,000 or more.

Mattress Mack increased his stake and gambled an additional $5 million on the Bengals on February 11. The largest legal sports wager ever made was set by this. If the Bengals win both bets, he will receive $16.2 million.

Personal Life Of Mattress Mack

Mattress Mack Net Worth

Mack Mattress is married to Linda Mclngvale, and the two of them have four kids. Moreover, he has six grandchildren.

Playing football is his preferred pastime. Additionally, he is a fierce supporter of the democratic party and has worked to elect some of its members. After losing nearly $4.7 million on a football wager, he has been in the news recently.

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Jim McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack, is an American businessman who has a net worth of $300 million. He is best known for being the proprietor and manager of the series of Gallery Furniture stores in Houston.

One of the most successful independent furniture retailers in the nation today is Gallery Furniture. Its stores have occasionally surpassed all other US stores in terms of sales per square foot.

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