mattress mack net worth

Mack Mattress was born on February 1, 1951, in Mississippi, United States. His parents were of Caucasian descent.

He graduated from Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas and subsequently attended North Texas State University, now known as the University of North Texas, where he played football. Growing up, his favorite sport was football, and he was a member of the college football team.

Net Worth:$300 Million
Full Name:Mattress Mack
Monthly Income:$500,000+
Annual Income:$25 Million
Country:United States
Last Updated:2022

Mattress Mack Net Worth

Mattress Mack is extremely wealthy. He is a businessman that runs a large store chain in America called Gallery Furniture. His company produces some of the finest furniture in the United States. Though it began in Texas, the company has grown dramatically in the last decade or so.

All thanks to the company’s owner and founder, whose approach to business has set him apart from the competition. Mack now has a net worth of $310 million.

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Mattress Mack’s Career and Achievements

Mattress Mack is a fantastic American businessman who has received widespread acclaim over his long and brilliant career. Mack has always been known for his outstanding business acumen and his tagline, “Saves you money!” It has contributed significantly to his success.

Mack spent a lot of money on ads in the early days of Gallery Furniture to help his business. His plan worked successfully, and sales of Gallery Furniture skyrocketed.

Mack and his wife were also the producers of the 1992 film Sidekicks. He also co-wrote the book Always Think Big, which chronicles his business career’s ups and downs.


Mattress Mack finished his high school education at Bishop Lynch High School. He afterward attended the University of North Texas and completed his academic education there.

Mack was always interested in business management and was fairly bright as a child. He later rose to prominence as a brilliant businessman.

Mack the Mattress Is His New Name:

Jim McIngvale was born in Starkville, Mississippi in February 1951.

Jim launched Gallery Furniture from the back of his pickup truck in 1981. He had $5,000 saved up. During those early months and years, the company grew slowly but steadily, but as the oil economy began to collapse, practically every retail firm in Texas faltered as well.

In 1983, Jim put his final $10,000 into a series of local TV advertising. When he got upset while filming one of the advertisements, he took money from his pockets and declared, “Gallery Furniture saves you money!” The line was a hit with audiences, and it became his defining catchphrase.

The company’s focus gradually switched from low-cost, low-quality furniture to more upmarket items.


Gallery Furniture is one of the most successful independent furniture retailers in the United States today. On various occasions, its stores’ sales per square foot have been among the greatest in the United States.

According to 2005 statistics, the company’s annual revenue is anticipated to be $200 million. According to an updated projection, annual income in 2015 was anticipated to be over $150 million.

Wealthy Mattress Mack

Gallery Furniture is now one of the most successful independent furniture businesses in the country. At various times, its locations have earned the highest amount of sales per square foot of any store in the United States.

According to 2005 statistics, the corporation grosses $200 million per year. According to a 2015 update, annual income was anticipated to be over $150 million.

McIngvale is a self-made millionaire who has been involved in a number of charitable activities. He is a generous supporter of the Houston Children’s Charity. He and his wife, Linda, also founded the Mack and Linda McIngvale Foundation, which grants scholarships to Houston-area youngsters.

McIngvale has been a lifelong Houston Astros fan, and he has been known to repay customers who lose money betting on Astros games.

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Mattress Mack is a very successful and well-known figure in America. Throughout his career, he has achieved enormous success and recognition. Mack is a very humble person despite his success and recognition.

He has assisted many people during difficult times. During the severe disasters in Houston and Texas, Mack has supplied food and shelter to countless people. Mattress Mack is a living legend and many people’s idols.

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