Lee Najjar is a very popular and successful American actor and TV personality who has appeared in a wide variety of media. Lee has become a global star because of his efforts as an actor and a comedian.

Lee Najjar prefers a fairly limited lifestyle and keeps a low profile. This is why he has avoided public attention. In addition to his role on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Lee Najjar is well-known for his acting career.

Lee Najjar Biography

Lee Najjar is a well-known TV host and successful businessman who has received widespread acclaim for his efforts. In terms of his background, Lee has been cagey, to say the least. Although other accounts claim otherwise, it appears that Lee was actually born in Puerto Rico and relocated to the United States as a child.

Because he hasn’t shared his birthday, nobody knows how old he is. Lee Najjar has also been cagey regarding his personal history, including the identities of his parents. He hasn’t said much about his sibling relationships, either.

lee najjar net worth

Lee Najjar got his start in the workforce as a businessman and realtor. Subsequently, after experiencing great success, he decided to try his hand at television. After that, he also had a successful run on television.

These days, Lee’s life revolves around his wife and two kids. Because of his affair with Kim Zolciak, there was talk that he may end his marriage. In any case, that never materialized.

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Lee Najjar’s Net Worth

Lee Najjar is a popular American TV and movie actor. He has been in a wide variety of productions. Along with his real estate enterprise, he is also a successful businessman. Through his efforts, Lee has earned a substantial fortune.

NameLee Najjar
Net Worth (2022)$50 Million
ProfessionActor, businessman
Monthly Income And Salary$0.5 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary$4.5 Million +
Last Updated2022

The notoriety he gained from his TV appearances aided his career as a businessman. 50 million dollars is how much money Lee Najjar now possesses.

Lee Najjar Assets

Lee Najjar is a TV personality and successful businessman who has amassed a sizable real estate portfolio in his adopted home country the United States. He and his family live in a massive California estate.

lee najjar net worth

On top of that, he owns a few additional buildings in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, etc. Lee is in the real estate business, so he has a knack for spotting bargains.

Lee Najjar is an incredible person with a stunning collection of cars. His collection features rare and pricey models. He owns a fleet of luxury vehicles that includes an Aston Martin, Porsche, Range Rover, and a few others. When Lee is in town, you can always find him zipping around in his trusty Range Rover, which he prefers to drive solo.

Lee Najjar: Career and Awards

Lee Najjar has accomplished a great deal in his career thus far. Lee first started his career as a businessman, who later got himself interested in real estate tasks. That, however, served him well, and he achieved a fair degree of success in that arena. A passion for acting, however, meant that Lee was never able to fully focus on his job.

In 2008, he became a cast member on the hit series The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” He became well-known all around the world thanks to his role as Big Popp in the show. Lee remained a part of the show until its final episode in 2012.

Lee Najjar has been relatively tight-lipped about his achievements, so it’s probably safe to presume he hasn’t won any prizes or been recognized in any way.

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Lee Najjar Personal Life

In a lavish wedding in 2009, Lee Najjar wed Kimberly Najjar. They have remained together and have developed a deep affinity as a pair.

Despite Najjar’s involvement with Kim Zolciak, it had no influence on the pair. For months, even it was the most interesting news story. This exemplifies the depth of their friendship.

lee najjar net worth

The fact that Najjar was married to Kimberly made it impossible for him to leave her for Kim, which was a huge obstacle in their affair.

However, speculation increased that Najjar and Kimberly would end their marriage as a result of his infidelity. Fortunately, this never actually occurred, and the pair is still very much together and going strong.

Lee and Kimberley Najjar have been given the gift of parenthood with the arrival of two wonderful children: Jeremy and Katelin.

One of his sons started and runs the successful company Smash Entertainment INC. in the real estate industry.

In contrast, their daughter is a well-known socialite.


Lee Najjar is a successful Puerto Rican real estate developer and reality television star who has a net worth of $50 million. He is a businessman as well, who has quite a lot of work going on in the real estate business. His television work has made him very famous, which also helped him in his business. 

Lee Najjar married his wife Kimberly Najjar in 2009 in a big ceremony. The couple is still together and sharing a strong bond together in their relationship.

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