American author, salesperson, and convicted fraudster Kevin Mark Trudeau is famous for promoting his books and getting into legal disputes with the Federal Trade Commission.

His late-night infomercials were everywhere, but he ended up getting fined and jailed for fraud, theft, and contempt of court because of the unproven health, diet, and financial advice they peddled.

Early Life

Kevin Trudeau Net Worth

Kevin Trudeau was born on February 6, 1963, in Lynn, Massachusetts. He is the adopted son of Robert and Mary Trudeau. He went to high school in Lynn at St. Mary’s, where his classmates in 1981 named him “Most Likely to Succeed.”

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Kevin Trudeau’s Net Worth

Currently, Kevin Trudeau is $37,000,000 in the red. Author Kevin Trudeau is also a radio host and infomercial pitchman. He was named “Most Likely to Succeed” by his fellow 1981 St. Mary’s High School graduates. Perhaps he is best remembered for promoting questionable books on natural health, weight loss, and financial success through infomercials.

After finding that Kevin Trudeau’s infomercials and diet books were fraudulent, a federal judge in Chicago sentenced him to 10 years in prison on March 17, 2014.

The prosecution in Kevin’s case claimed that 850,000 copies of his fake weight-loss book were sold. That brought in about $40 million in revenue for his firm. Kevin, who says he has no money, was given a $37 million judgment that he must pay in full.

Kevin has had numerous run-ins with the law, on both the criminal and civil fronts. He had a criminal record dating back to the early 1990s when he was found guilty of theft and credit card fraud. A fine of $500,000 was imposed on him. In 1998, he was accused of making misleading claims about his product in infomercials.

Profession-Focused Life

Right after finishing high school, Sevin went to work as a salesman at a dealership that specialized in classic automobiles. His problems started when he tried to make a living by teaching people how to improve their memories through a seminar circuit.

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In 1990, after pleading guilty to imperiling a physician, he went to prison for the first time. He was found guilty of 11 counts of credit card fraud the following year and sentenced to two years in prison.

Kevin Trudeau Net Worth

A series of television informational broadcasts featuring him or her was produced and broadcast. The broadcasts went out late at night and were received across North America.

Some of the products being advertised were treatments for baldness, as well as courses to improve memory, reading comprehension, and substance abuse.

These broadcasts got him in hot water with the FCC, which ruled that they were misleading and made exaggerated claims. е wа fnеd n 1998, and hе settled the fines by agreeing to pay $2 million and having the broadcasts banned.

He began writing books in 2004, with his first publication being 2004’s Natural Certainties She Doesn’t Want You to Know About. A lot of people said his book didn’t have a natural cure, but it still managed to sell 5 million copies.

The fоllоwng bооk hаd оrе Nаturаl urе Divеrеd: Рrеvіоuѕlу Сеnѕоrеd Products with Catchy Brand Names That Cause Disease, Debt, and Weight Gain That They Don’t Want You to Know About These publications were all huge financial successes for him.

Several times, Sevin was in trouble with the law and the federal government for his actions. Several legal actions have been taken against him by rаdе оmmоn. They repeatedly filed lawsuits against him and documented each dispute between themselves and Sevin.

In 2011, he was hit with a $37 million fine after being arrested in 2010. He was unable to pay the fine, thus in 2013, the court ordered his assets to be forfeited. He was sentenced to ten years in prison in March 2014, and all of his property was sold at auction.

Аwаrdѕ and Achievements

Due to his past actions, many people consider Rudeaau to be a fraud. For this reason, despite his past as an author and salesman, his name does not appear to have any honors associated with it.

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Private Life

Kevin Trudeau Net Worth

At least three of Trudeau’s marriages have ended in divorce. His first wife was a Ukrainian immigrant named Oleksandra Polozhentseva, but little else is known about their marriage. It was annulled after only four months of marriage to Kristine Dorow, a Norwegian student he met in London in 2007.

Natalya Babenko, also a Ukrainian, is the current CEO of numerous of his former firms, and his wife since 2008. According to Trudeau, she is back in her Kyiv apartment. [

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