He was born Douglas Richard Flutie on October 23, 1962, and he is a former American football quarterback. The National Football League (NFL), the Canadian Football League (CFL), and the United States Football League each had him for a total of 12 years of professional football experience (USFL).

A Heisman Trophy-winning season at Boston College in 1984 saw Flutie deliver the game-winning touchdown pass against Miami in the dying seconds. Because he was not available to NFL teams, the Los Angeles Rams took him in the 11th round of the 1985 NFL Draft, making him the lowest-drafted Heisman winner ever.

He began his professional football career with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL. Flutie spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots when the USFL disbanded.

What are Doug Flutie’s Net Worth and Career Earnings?

It is estimated that Doug Flutie, a former American football player, has a fortune of $10 million. The sports world’s attention was first drawn to Doug during his college career when he played for the Los Angeles Rams, New Jersey Generals, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots in the NFL and USFL.

Flutie left the NFL to play in the CFL for the BC Lions after a long career with the New York Jets. The Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, and New England Patriots were all stops along Doug’s NFL journey, which began with stops in Calgary and Toronto. In 2006, after a career spanning two decades, he called it a day.

Flutie had a fantastic professional career, but one play from his collegiate days will live in infamy. Doug’s “Hail Flutie” touchdown pass versus Miami is known as “The Pass” by football aficionados.

While in Boston College, he was the recipient of various honors, the most prestigious of which was the Heisman Trophy.

Doug Flutie became a college football analyst for ESPN and NBC after retiring from football. He began concentrating more on his job with NBC in 2011. In 2014, he joined NBC as a color analyst for the Notre Dame game.

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Early Life

In 1962, on the 23rd of October, in Manchester, Maryland, a boy named Douglas Richard Flutie was born. Flutie’s maternal great-grandparents were Lebanese immigrants who settled in the United States.

Six years old, he moved to Florida with his family, where his father worked as an aerospace engineer. For most of Doug’s childhood and early adulthood, he lived with his younger brother Darren, a successful football player of his own.

Doug’s physical prowess was quickly apparent during his high school years. Before his family returned to Natick, Massachusetts in 1976, he led his team to two Brevard County Championships.

When Flutie returned to Natick, he was a key member of the school’s football squad. Other sports he participated in were football and basketball.

College Career

Boston College was the only school interested in signing Flutie while he was a high school football player. During the early 1980s, Flutie became a household name on the team after he won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award, and the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award.

With six seconds remaining in the 1984 Miami Hurricanes football game, he threw a game-winning touchdown pass.

The “Hail Flutie” throw made Flutie famous, but many questioned whether his short stature made him eligible for the NFL due to his lack of experience. As the USFL desperately needed a big-name star, they instantly signed him.

For New Jersey Generals he signed a contract making him the highest-paid NFL player and rookie of any sport.

Professional Career

The Chicago Bears drafted him out of the USFL in 1986 after he had an underwhelming first season (which folded shortly after he joined). For several years, he played for the New England Patriots before joining the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Doug then played in the Canadian Football League for eight years, during which time he became one of the best players in league history. In the CFL, he won multiple Grey Cups, 270 touchdowns, and more than 40,000 passing yards, among other accolades.

Flutie subsequently returned to the NFL, this time with the Buffalo Bills, where he proved his value with a string of impressive performances. He joined the San Diego Chargers in 2001 and played there for the next four years.

The New England Patriots brought him back as a backup in 2005. In the final game of his career, against the Miami Dolphins, he kicked a successful drop-kick point, which had not been done since 1941. According to a number of observers, it was Doug’s “retirement present.”

Other Ventures

Flutie Flakes was a cereal made by Doug to raise money for Autism causes. Spear Interactive and former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie announced their partnership in 2018 with the goal of releasing a new football video game. In 2019, the game was dubbed “Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football Game.”

When Doug Flutie moved to Melbourne, Florida, he began schooling at the upper-sensory high school. Se joined his football team and was a leader who led it to win two state championships.

However, in 1976, the family had to relocate again because of his mother’s work. As a result of their relocation to Nashville, they have become known as the Nashville Sasquatch. GH сhооl to carry on his research.

While he was in the city, he formed a popular football team known as the Rеdhаwks, even though the team’s original name was Rеdmеn. After completing his studies, he enrolled in a sorority college, where he began playing college football.

Personal Life

During Doug’s senior year of high school, he married Laurie, his high school girlfriend. Throughout the years, the couple has been blessed with the births of two children.

Doug Jr., Doug’s son, suffers from autism. As a tribute to their son, his parents established the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc. A cereal company called “Flutie Flakes” was started by Doug in order to generate money for Autism Awareness. There were millions of boxes of cereal produced by the brand.


Flutie made his professional football debut in 1985, earning a three-year contract worth $3.1 million with the New Jersey Generals. Doug received a $350,000-per-season contract with the BC Lions, making him the highest-paid player in the CFL after leaving the NFL.

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Real Estate

Flutie purchased a $2.1 million house in Melbourne Beach, Florida in 2007, according to reports. The five-bedroom house is located close to where he grew up and was built in 2003. The property is located about 60 miles from Orlando and features a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and stunning views of the nearby oceans and rivers.

Residents call it “the pineapple house” because of the abundance of pineapple-themed images seen throughout the home, which has earned it an odd nickname. The driveway, for example, features a pineapple-shaped tile mosaic.

Apparently, in 2013, Flutie was selling him a real estate in Natick, Massachusetts, according to a report. There are six bedrooms in this house, which has a total floor area of 7,233 square feet.

In addition to the heated pool and basketball court, the home’s vast basement also includes a pool table and a workout room. In 1994, he paid $212,000 for 1.4 acres of raw property, which he used to build a house.

It was assessed at $1.5 million, but Flutie advertised it for $1.7 million, more than double what he paid for it all those years ago when he first bought it. Since he and his family had moved to their new home in Florida, he didn’t appear to require this residence any longer.

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