Blanket Jackson, whose full name is Prince Michael Jackson II, is the youngest child of the late pop music icon Michael Jackson. Born on February 21, 2002, he became the center of media attention from a very young age due to his famous father and the unconventional circumstances surrounding his birth and upbringing.

Blanket Jackson

While he may forever be associated with his legendary father, Bigi Jackson’s desire for a more normal existence demonstrates his resilience and determination to shape his own destiny, irrespective of his extraordinary background.

Blanket Jackson’s Net Worth 2023

The estimated value of Blanket Jackson is $100 million as of 2023. The inheritance he acquired from his father’s estate is partly responsible for his outstanding wealth. Blanket and his siblings shared a substantial piece of the wealth that Michael Jackson, who passed away in 2009, left behind.

Blanket Jackson's Net Worth 2023

The deceased musician’s music collection, which contains the rights to some of the most well-known songs in history, makes up the majority of the estate’s assets. It’s crucial to understand that Blanket’s wealth comes from a variety of sources.

Along with his siblings, he has participated in a number of business endeavors and appeared at events. He has also benefited financially from the songs his father created, and he has contributed to interviews and films about Michael Jackson’s life and legacy.

Blanket Jackson’s Father, Michael Jackson

Blanket’s birth mother’s identity has never been officially disclosed, and he was reportedly born via a surrogate mother. He gained his nickname “Blanket” from his father, who was known for his unique parenting choices and controversial decisions.

Blanket Jackson's Father, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson famously dangled Blanket over a balcony in Berlin, causing widespread concern and raising questions about his parenting abilities. This incident, along with his father’s untimely death in 2009, thrust Blanket and his siblings into the spotlight.

Blanket Jackson’s Personal Challenges

Following Michael Jackson’s passing, Blanket and his two older siblings, Prince and Paris, were faced with the challenge of growing up without their father. The three siblings came under the legal guardianship of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, with whom they lived for several years.

Blanket Jackson's Personal Challenges

Despite their difficult circumstances, the children continued to make headlines due to their father’s legacy and the curiosity surrounding their lives. Over the years, Blanket Jackson has mostly stayed out of the public eye, seeking a more private life compared to his older siblings.

He attended private schools and was occasionally seen attending various events with his family. Despite his efforts to maintain a lower profile, he couldn’t escape the media’s attention, given his father’s immense fame and the public’s interest in the Jackson family.

Jackson Siblings Carved Out Their Own Paths

As he grew older, Blanket began to assert his own identity and interests. While not much information is available about his personal preferences and ambitions, it is known that he developed an interest in martial arts.

Jackson Siblings Carved Out Their Own Paths

He also changed his name from “Blanket” to “Bigi,” which he reportedly found to be a more suitable and less attention-grabbing name. This change signaled his desire to step away from the unique circumstances of his upbringing and establish his own individuality.

In recent years, the Jackson siblings have gradually carved out their own paths. Paris Jackson, in particular, has pursued a career in modeling, acting, and music, while Prince Jackson has ventured into producing and entertainment. As for Bigi, he has largely remained out of the public eye and focused on his personal growth and development.

Jackson Siblings Carved Out Their Own Paths


Blanket Jackson’s upbringing has been marked by both privilege and the challenges of growing up in the shadow of a global superstar. His journey from a young child thrust into the spotlight to a young adult seeking a more private and ordinary life highlights the complexities of fame, family, and personal identity.

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