Watch Susan Lucci Celebrate Her 75th Birthday in A Strapless Swimsuit While on Vacation

Susan Lucci is at the helm of this operation! To commemorate her 75th birthday, the actress released a gorgeous Instagram video on Jan. 4 from a glass balcony overlooking the beach.

She captioned the photo with a heart face and a palm tree emoji to express her love for the ocean vista and sea breezes.

It was also in this article that Susan showed off her amazing physique, donning a strapless white one-piece as well as a sheer cover-up sarong with purple and blue patterning.

As her hair swirled in the wind, she grinned at the camera and flashed her fashionable tinted sunglasses.

It’s heartwarming to watch the soap star on a happy vacation after the death of her mother Jeanette just a few months ago.

On June 25, Susan Lucci shared a photo of herself and her mother, who died at the age of 104, on Instagram.

This photo was taken four years ago when she was celebrating her mother’s 100th birthday with her.

A lot of love and music and laughter were shared in honor of her. There were toasts and stories of her childhood in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Her mother’s health suddenly took a turn for the worst in late May, according to the actress. ‘I only hoped and prayed that I would get to her in time—I am eternally grateful to God and her great hospice caregivers, that I did,’

I said to myself three weeks ago when I received a phone call from my mother’s hospice.

While there, I was able to tell her all of the wonderful things about herself, how much I adore her, and how proud I am of her, and in doing so, I hope to have brought her some comfort.”

For her mother’s “will” to live to such an elderly age, the daughter commented about how lively she was.

As she continued, “My mother was born in 1917 during the Spanish Flu, she witnessed World War I (the flu), the Great Depression the Great Depression, World War II (the war), the Korean War (the war), Vietnam the war, and the emergence of the Internet.”

Fordham University is where she studied and acquired her degree. She trained as an operating room nurse and, like my father, was a part of “The Greatest Generation.”

Watch Susan Lucci Celebrate Her 75th Birthday in A Strapless Swimsuit While on Vacation

According to her, “My mother was a survivor and a thriver—and I am so glad to God that she was my mother.” This is something a friend of mine sent to me: ‘Our mothers live on in us with effervescent energy!’ She knew my mom from our college days.” “Oh my gosh!!!”

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