Nina Dobrev's Sexiest Bikini Snaps to Date Are Included in This Edition of "The Swimsuit Diaries"

Nina Dobrev has an extensive collection of flattering bikinis, which she always remembers to pack for her trips to warm climates.

The ex-Vampire Diaries actress spends a lot of time at the beach and in her backyard pool, and she’s always happy to show fans images from such places.

For over two years, the actress has been dating Olympic snowboarding gold winner Shaun White, and the two have enjoyed many beach getaways together.

After his last Winter Olympics in March 2022, the couple had a vacation to Costa Rica, where she posed in a skimpy white bikini while they explored the jungle.

Nina has frequented the country as a vacation spot, posting bikini images from each visit. In 2018, she flaunted her incredible physique in yet another skimpy swimsuit.

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The Fam actress is very interested in the world and frequently brings viewers along on her excursions.

Nina is the undisputed queen of the bikini, whether she’s on a safari in South Africa or vacationing in the Caribbean.

The brunette beauty is accustomed to keeping her beautiful physique while traveling for both work and pleasure by performing her workouts wherever she happens to be.

When the COVID-19 lockdowns arrived in the spring of 2020, however, Nina had to make some adjustments to her normal routine, including making her house more conducive to exercise.

In October 2021, Nina Dobrev’s confessed to Shape that, “one of the things that I learned when the pandemic began was that… I utilized a personal trainer and relied on a lot of outside sources for my fitness,” given her hectic schedule before the outbreak.

“But when I got home, I discovered I didn’t have a lot of exercise equipment, so I hurriedly gathered what I could find.”

Acting-wise, the Love Hard actress benefited from an investment she made in weights, a Pilates machine, a treadmill, and a SoulCycle at-home bike.

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She said to the press, “When I’m done shooting and have to memorize the next day’s work, I can sit on the bike with my screenplay and exercise and learn my lines for the next day.”

I love my home gym and use it frequently,” she continued.

Nina Dobrev's Sexiest Bikini Snaps to Date Are Included in This Edition of "The Swimsuit Diaries"

Whether it’s early in the morning before I head to set or late at night after I get home from the set or right after a long flight, it’s great to be able to squeeze in a workout whenever it works best for me. Why would she be surprised if her bikini figure looked amazing?

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