Mike Jeffries Net Worth

American Businessman Mike Jeffries Net Worth 2022: Income, Early Life & More Updates!

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Mike Jeffries is a $300 million dollar American businessman. Mike is best known for leading Abercrombie & Fitch from 1992 to 2014, a period that saw the company go from bankruptcy to one of the world’s most valuable stores, only to plummet again.

Early Childhood Education and Development:

Mike Jeffries was born on July 15, 1944, in Oklahoma City. He grew up in Los Angeles, where his father ran the Party Time retail chain. He earned an MBA from Columbia Business School in 1968 after graduating with a degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 1966. Mike also studied at the London School of Economics for a while.

He worked for a variety of retailers after obtaining his degrees. He went through the managerial training programme at Abraham & Strauss, a department store in New York City. Mike founded Alcott & Andrews in 1984. After five years, the company fell bankrupt. Following that, Mike went to work for Paul Harris, a garment company based in the Midwest.

Mike Jeffries Net Worth

Mike Jeffries Career Details:

Mike Jeffries travelled to Abraham & Straus, a now-defunct New York City department store, to learn about running a business in 1968. During this time, Jeffries collaborated with Allen Questrom of J.C. Penney and Millard S. Drexler of a different firm (the previous CEO of Gap Inc., who now works at J. Crew).

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Jeffries established Alcott & Andrews, a clothing line for working women, in 1984. The brand did well at first. It fell bankrupt in 1989 after trying to expand too quickly, and it was forced to close. After that, Jeffries went to work for Paul Harris, a clothing business in the Midwest.

Mike Jeffries Net Worth

Mike Jeffries Past Controversies:

In a 2006 interview with Salon, Jeffries stated that his clothing brand was only for “cool” individuals. Aside from that, he has stated that he does not want big or unattractive people to wear his garments. Because of the comments, which were made public in 2013, the corporation received a lot of negative press and criticism. “We are firmly opposed to any discrimination, bullying, pejorative characterizations, or other antisocial behaviour based on ethnicity, gender, body shape, or any other individual traits,” Jeffries stated on May 15, 2013.

Mike Jeffries Net Worth

Jeffries’ cabin staff requirements aboard Abercrombie’s Gulfstream G-V Jet, which Jeffries, Smith, and their dogs used to fly to and from their residence in New York, were originally reported on by Bloomberg News in October 2012.

For work on the company jet, they had to wear Abercrombie polo shirts, jeans, boxer briefs, and flip-flops. They had to spray cologne on their clothes as well. After all, a lawsuit claimed that Jeffries sacked his own jet pilot and replaced him with a considerably younger man. The judge in charge of the case called Jeffries to testify, and the case was promptly resolved out of court. Modelling agency: The same agency that provided male house staff for Jeffries also provided male personnel for the company’s plane. The male home crew was paid by the Jeffries Family Office.

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Personal Life:

Mike Jeffries Net Worth

Mike Hansen married Susan Marie Isabel Hansen in 1971. They have a child as a couple.

He allegedly married Annabel Vartanian in September 2013, albeit this is unconfirmed. Mike was rumoured to be living with a male partner named Matthew Smith at about the same time as this alleged marriage. Mike and Matthew now run the Jeffries Family Office as a team.