The Netflix show ‘I Am A Killer’ and its next part ‘I Am A Killer: Released’ introduced us to the inner turmoil of the convict Dale Wayne Sigler. Three decades ago Sigler was proven guilty of killing John Zeltner.

When we first met Dale, he was sentenced to death in season one. But now, he is almost 55 years old and his death sentence was amended to life imprisonment with the option to apply for parole only after 30 years.

Dale Sigler in prison

What did he do?

In 1990, when Dale was 23 years old, he robbed a Subway store in Texas and then murdered Zeltner by shooting him twice from behind. The homicide investigator Tommy Lenoire called this crime an ‘overkill’.

After the killing, he even stole $450 from the cash register before getting arrested for the homicide.

Dale Sigler

Sigler had a long list of offenses even before this crime. During his teen years, he had been charged with two breaking and entering counts with three additional robberies.

Due to the severity of his crimes, Dale was sentenced to the death penalty. Three years later his sentence was altered to life imprisonment with the chance to apply for parole after 30 years. He was released in 2019.

Why did he do so?

From what Sigler tells us, he and Zeltner were previously friends. However, Zeltner made a sexual advance towards Sigler, and Zeltner also threatened that false information about Dale will be spread. This scared Sigler and made him snap.

Throughout the show, viewers also find out how Sigler was sexually molested and this deeply traumatized him. He even started questioning his sexuality, even though he calls homosexuality an ‘abomination’.

Dale Sigler with his pen pal Carole Whitworth

Where is he now?

Today, Dale is released and has moved in with his prison pen pal, Carole Whitworth. It was also said that he’s been working at a Texas Ranch, but it was soon discovered that he lost his job.

According to sources, he’s still unemployed and lives with Carole, whom he calls ‘Mama Carole’.

He’s now a man who is legally unable to socialize in public and hasn’t held a job for over three decades.

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