Last year, actress and singer Selena Gomez made headlines when she revealed that she had received a kidney transplant due to her struggle with lupus.

May is Lupus Awareness Month, so we reached out to Dr. Fahd Saeed, PPG in Rheumatology, to learn more about the condition and its symptoms and treatments.

Understanding Selena Gomez’s Condition that Required a Kidney Transplant

Selena Gomez turned 30 yesterday, and to mark the occasion, she threw a huge party with her pals, wearing a glamorous sheer Versace gown and posting photos from the event on her various social media platforms.

Friends of Selena, including Francia Raisa, who famously donated a kidney to the lupus sufferer, were among the celebrities in attendance.

The celebrity, who had been struggling with lupus, revealed in August 2018 that she had undergone a covert kidney transplant the previous summer on Instagram.

selena gomez illness

The transplant was “something I needed to do for my general health,” she said, with a photo of herself and a pal lying in a hospital bed.

Gomez was originally diagnosed with the condition when he was only 23 years old, making him 25 at the time of this writing. The famous person needed time away from work to deal with mental health problems related to her diagnosis. Lupus is a “complex and poorly known” ailment, according to the NHS; many people do not know what it is, what causes it, or how to treat it.

Despite this, Lupus UK estimates that 50,000 people in the United Kingdom are living with the disease. In this article, Bupa’s Medical Director, Dr. Steve Iley, provides a comprehensive overview of lupus

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What Is Lupus?

Inflammation is a hallmark symptom of lupus, an autoimmune disorder. It’s hard to put a finger on because of the wide range of symptoms and the fact that they manifest in different persons in different ways. Lupus comes in a few different forms, the most prevalent of which is systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

When you have SLE, your immune system may mistakenly attack your kidneys, damaging their ability to purify your blood and eliminate waste.

selena gomez illness

Nephritis from lupus typically manifests itself within the first five years of a person’s diagnosis. It’s a really significant side effect of the condition. Pain in other areas of the body is a common symptom of renal disease. Selena Gomez probably dealt with the following lupus symptoms:

  • puffiness in the feet and legs
  • arterial hypertension
  • evidence of a blood disorder in the urine
  • lighter urine
  • increased nighttime urination needs
  • Discomfort in the side

Lupus nephritis is currently incurable. To prevent further damage to the kidneys, treatment focuses on keeping the disease under control. Damage to the kidneys usually necessitates either dialysis or a kidney transplant. Every year in the United States, between 10,000 and 15,000.

Gomez said, “Lupus continues to be incredibly misunderstood but progress is being done,” in a post encouraging her followers to learn more about the disease and donate to the Lupus Research Alliance.

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Is Chemotherapy the Normal Treatment?

selena gomez illness

The severity of the illness is a key factor in determining the best course of treatment. Aspirin, steroids, and other anti-inflammatory medications can be used to treat milder cases. However, medications like Cyclophosphamide and Methotrexate can be used to treat more advanced forms of the disease through chemotherapy.

According to Merrill, “the more severe varieties of lupus can be stopped fairly quickly, and people can do very well on it.” “Patients often receive lower doses than those used to treat cancer.” The autoimmune disease lupus can have relapsing and remitting phases.

As Merrill put it, “it’s highly unexpected,” but with therapy, it’s manageable.

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