An American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer named Nicholas Roger Swardson. The comic shows Reno 911!, Happy Madison Productions, and his own personal sketch comedy program Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time are where he is most known for his recurrent role as Terry Bernadino. Additionally, he played the lead in the movies Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star and 30 Minutes or Less (2011).

Diseases that Nick Swardson Suffered From

He once maintained a continuous presence on the road while working on an average of seven TV or film projects per year. When he performed stand-up two years ago at Mystic Lake Casino, he encouraged the sold-out audience to join him there after the act. He then went on to purchase shots for admirers until the last call.

Swardson’s co-star in “The Benchwarmers,” David Spade, admitted to me in 2007 that he was worried about his friend’s rapid pace.

He needs to be careful not to bite off more than he can chew, Spade said.

Nick Swardson might have at last discovered that lesson the hard way. He was hospitalized for over three weeks last fall, including for alcohol poisoning and pneumonia, in a Denver facility.

Nick Swardson's Illness

His words were, “My body just shut down.” Oh, you’re not a superhero, I thought at that point.

Swardson is slowing down as a result of relocating to Minnesota from Los Angeles. Even now, he’s considering purchasing a condo in the heart of Minneapolis.

Owner of Corner Bar Bill Murray believes Swardson has visited his West Bank business at least 40 times this year, frequently only to hang out in the back with friends.

Murray remarked, “It’s cozy for him.” “I believe his situation is very different there. One New Year’s Eve, a friend of mine went to see him perform in Florida. He required a bodyguard because so many people were swarming him.

He was undoubtedly quite nice even then, though. He is consistently incredibly patient as I see strangers begin to share their life tales with him. Everyone is heard by him.

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Young Life

The youngest of three siblings—he has a sister, Rachel, and a brother, John—and a resident of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, Swardson was born to Pamela and Roger Eric Swardson. Roger Swardson, a journalist, and editor who worked for publications like the Cincinnati Enquirer and City Pages as well as founded the Grand Gazette, a defunct community newspaper in Saint Paul, died in 2003.

Roger Swardson made property development investments in Saint Paul as well, reviving Grand Avenue, which is today known as Victoria Crossing. In 1989, Pamela and Roger were divorced. Swardson has ancestors from Sweden.

He went to St. Paul Central High and began acting and performing improv comedy when he was 16 years old.

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Swardson was a troublemaking student who battled alcohol and drugs. He was expelled from school four times for fighting, pulling fire alarms to walk outdoors and smoke cigarettes, displaying an obscene sign in class, and smoking marijuana. Swardson was enrolled in a recovery program while still a student.

Swardson chose not to pursue college after receiving his diploma in 1996 and instead pursued stand-up comedy. Despite being a lover of sketch humor, Swardson preferred performing stand-up comedy to working in a comedy group because it served as a stepping stone to a career in movies.

Swardson is a dedicated Minnesota Vikings supporter. Josh Duhamel, a fellow Minnesotan, is also one of his close pals.

The career of Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson's Illness

At the age of 18, Swardson began performing stand-up comedy. He began by doing stand-up routines in comedy clubs and occasionally at the Balls Cabaret. He was chosen to perform at the US Comedy Arts Festival as his celebrity gradually grew.

He performed stand-up in a special episode of “Comedy Central Presents” in 2001. He returned to the program in 2006 for a second appearance. John Whitesell’s 2003 movie “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” in which he had a supporting part, was released.

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Over the following several years, he had appearances in a number of movies, including “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” (2008), “Bedtime Stories,” and “Blades of Glory” (2008).

In the 2011 movie “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star,” he co-wrote, co-produced, and also performed the lead part. Tom Brady was the film’s director.

He also provided the voice for one of the major characters in the animated series “Chozen” in 2014. It only broadcast for one season. Additionally, from 2014 to 2016, he provided the voice of a character in the anime series “TripTank.”

Nick Swardson’s net worth was approximately $5 Million as of September 2022.

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