nancy lee grahn illness

Nancy Lee Grahn of General Hospital Opens Up About a Painful ‘Medical Problem That Needs to Be Addressed ASAP’


Nancy Lee Grahn had a good day and a bad day on February 28. On the one hand, she didn’t seem to be in the best of spirits. General Hospital boss Frank Valentini’s remark, on the other hand, gave her hope.

“Having a job where [the executive producer] says ‘Take care of yourself and then adjusts 200 crew and a schedule that costs a lot of time and money is a bonus I’m grateful for,” she tweeted.

Former General Hospital writers Patrick Mulcahey and Michele Val Jean (who is currently at The Bold and the Beautiful) stopped in to see if their pal was well after reading the mysterious tweet from the Emmy winner. “It’s not dead,” Alexis’ character joked, “but a benign cyst on some nerve on the facet joint or something I can’t spell.”

“It’s cry-baby-painful,” she said, implying that her partner would have to “put on my underwear and pants, but hopefully fixable.”

We have every reason to believe that this is the case. Stop by the photo gallery below to relive highlights from Grahn’s epic run as Alexis is on her way to the comments to wish her a swift and complete recovery. We’re confident that if the beleaguered character can go through all of that, so can the actor!

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Nancy Lee Grahn has been on ‘General Hospital’ for over 25 years

nancy lee grahn illness

Grahn’s 25th year at General Hospital was commemorated in 2021. She joined the cast in 1996 after roles on One Life to Live and Santa Barbara.

“I was working when Santa Barbara ended,” she said to TV Insider regarding her decision to join General Hospital. I was a recurring character on Murder One and appeared on a variety of other shows. However, if you aren’t a regular, you must continue to hunt for work. I had a strong desire to have a child. My desire to accomplish GH stemmed from my daughter Kate. I inquired as to whether they required my services. [Laughs] “Not really,” they responded, “but we’ll still take you.”

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Nancy Lee Grahn said ‘General Hospital’ gave her a stable job as a single mom

Grahn has been a single mother for a long time, much like her character Alexis. Kate, her 1998-born child, is her only child. In a recent interview with ESME, Grahn described General Hospital as “the dream Solo Mom job.”

“I worked four to six hours each day, two to three days per week when she was growing up.” Furthermore, we were without power for several weeks and I was still compensated,” Grahn explained. “I never, ever, ever missed a school function.” If I were working, they would plan my work around a parent-teacher conference.

She also told TV Insider that it was because of this that she selected a daytime soap opera over a primetime show.

“Some people believe that being the star in a primetime program is ‘better,’ but it isn’t if you’re a mother,” Grahn explained. “People keep an eye out for each other during the day.” The show would take care of it if I had to be somewhere for [daughter] Kate. I was at her school whenever she needed me.”