Kirsty Young Illness

As her fibromyalgia deteriorated, Kirsty Young discovered that the “wrong medics” were leading her down the “blind alleys.”

After being whacked with “a baseball bat,” a former Desert Island Discs presenter reveals how excruciatingly painful it feels to be in her position for the first time.

When asked about her struggles to rehabilitate, Young, admitted to The Sunday Times Magazine that “the wrong medics and the wrong medication” had led her down “plenty of dark alleys.

Kirsty Young Illness

She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and secondary fibromyalgia, both long-term conditions that produce discomfort all throughout the body. The illness causes victims to be exhausted to the point of exhaustion.

“It was like someone had drugged me like you’d taken a sleeping tablet at the wrong time of day and you were absolutely losing it,” she told the magazine.

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It was “obviously the only option” for Lauren Laverne to succeed Young as the host of Desert Island Discs. Young said she hasn’t listened to the show since it was canceled because of her grief.

As a result, she explained, “it would’ve been difficult to listen” since she felt “sad” when she moved away. “I don’t want to dramatize it or be melodramatic about it but that’s how it felt,” she said.

Kirsty Young Illness

So, “I’ve just gotten into the habit of not listening to it,” he says.

Young was depressed throughout her ordeal: “Yeah, I definitely was. As someone who is not a medical professional, I am unable to tell you the difference between low mood and depression, but I do remember discussing this with my doctor.

It’s a symptom of a chronic pain illness, he said. “He answered, ‘Well, of course.”

Nick Jones, the creator of the Soho House members’ club, is married to Young. She talked of hiding the sickness from her two biological children and two stepchildren.

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‘Stay the course’ was all she had to say. You don’t want to give up, do you? The pills were taking a toll on me.”

With the guidance of a professional and a reduced way of living, Young has been able to stop using the majority of her medications, she noted.

Kirsty Young Illness

“It’s been four years now. This is how long it has taken, she stated. “And I followed the instructions to the letter. My gut microbiome has turned me into a complete and utter bore. That’s going to bring the crap out of you!”

However, Young has agreed to present the BBC’s coverage of the BBC’s Platinum Jubilee.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” “I couldn’t resist,” she added. “We’ll never see it again, certainly in our lifetimes, and maybe never.”

If you haven’t done the school run in four years and someone asks, ‘Do you just want to get into this Formula One vehicle and do a circuit of Brands Hatch?’ I feel like that person.’ However, I’m hoping that my motor abilities will return.”

Four days of live broadcasting are required to complete the project. Young said she was unsure if her comeback would extend beyond the group she was with at the time. Young

She described it as “beautifully self-contained.” In order to get a better sense of how it feels, I’m going to do it. The two-year deal isn’t something I’m signing up for. “I’ll see how it goes and what other people think.”

Desert Island Discs host Chris Young revealed her favorite interview: “Nobody even comes close to Sir David Attenborough. Sir David, you have my utmost respect. I like him. He’s a little bit of a flirt.”

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